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Frozen transfer

Hi, im about to start the prep for my frozen transfer. I've been prescribed lots of meds, oestrogen tablets ( think they're called Cenestin) working up to 4 per day, a patch changed twice a week and eventually progesterone pessaries. The reason for my infertility is due to very low hormone levels. Maybe this is why I have so many meds? Anyone else taken these? Any advise, side effects etc?xx

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I had fet and I'm still on estropause tablets and crinone gel and some injection daily till I get to 12 weeks .im currently 7weeks pregnant.i didn't pay much attention to Side effects maybe because it wasn't anything serious. The pessaries might give you an itch though.all the best. Take care of yourself.


I’m just on my frozen transfer cycle now.

I was on Buserelin from day 21 of my previous period and am taking progynova (oestrogen) 2mg 4 times per day from day 1 of my period.

Once I transfer I stay on the oestrogen and also start the pessaries.

It sounds about the same as yours but clinics can be different depending on your needs. I don’t have patches, they going to see how my lining builds but have patches on the list in case I will need them.

Regarding side effects I have been okay until now but currently in bed as think I have developed a bit of a flu so not sure it is related to the meds. I’m hoping it goes quickly, I feel a lot better today.

Good luck with your cycle!

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I’m the same as Beebeestar.

This is my first FET cycle and I’ve only been given Buserelin and Progynova but in my last cycle I was lucky and ended with quite a thick lining so that may be why I’ve only got the minimal.

I don’t know about side effects for the patches as i’ve never had them, but bloating is normal for most medications. The spray made me really light headed previously, it also gave me menopausal like hot flushes!

So if you ever feel like that (besides flu) it’s completely normal!

Only tip is stay clear of Ibuprofen - we’re only allowed to take paracetamol whilst having treatment. Basically act like you’re pregnant so very few cold remedies are suitable sadly. Lots of water lemon and ginger!

I hope you feel better soon and goodluck with your cycle.


Hi Laura_beth, how much progynova are you taking?


I’ve been given 2mg to take 3 times a day I believe - but don’t start until 18th Jan.

How are you getting on?


I have 2mg 4 times a day. I’m getting on fine now, as I had some sort of flu type thing and was in bed for 2 days. Think my body just caved with all the down reg and tablets in the end but I feel much better today so quite relieved it didn’t get worse.

I’m on day 6 of progynova.

I think the scan is around day 12-14 but they’ve not rung me yet for the date. With Christmas they told me to expect it will be slow, so I’ll ring them next week if I don’t hear anything by then.

Good luck with your cycle in January. Hopefully I would have transferred by then!


So AF arrived today which meant I could start the meds (called elleste not cenestin), fingers crossed!

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