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Have I seen something that the doctors haven't seen?

Second post of the day, sorry!

Normally I don't get to see my cervical smear results, they just tell me "It was fine" and that's all. But today I needed to ask for them in the clinic where I did It (with my usual gynaecologist in Spain) to hand them to the doctor here. And this is what I saw: they describe the sample as normal and with majority of intermediate cells (luteinic) and Doderlein bacillus.

Ok, alright. Alright for a sample collected on the luteinic phase (second half of the cycle), but It was day 7 of my cycle!! I had just finished my period do It sounds completely contradictory to me!

Does It mean anything? If so, how could they miss It?

I am trying to contact my doctor there in Spain but I don't know whether I will get any answer... It looks like I am a paranoid, but I don't know, it might mean something. Does anybody know of something similar?

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