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fresh donor egg success stories

Just want to hear from ladies with fresh donor egg success stories. How many times does it take??

The cycle of my friend was fresh, with a 23-year-old donor in excellent health and failed. transferred 2 embryos. She is 43 years old.

Tell me please, did someone have a similar situation? Did you succeed after failure? And how to raise the emotional mood of my friend?

She just worries because of her age. And then there was a failure, and she began to worry even more.

We will be grateful for any of your advice.

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I do think donor eggs are oversold. Older eggs are definately an issue in conception and especially miscarriage. I am 42 and had 5 miscarriages, then a healthy boy, followed by 2 more miscarriages. I have been through all sorts of testing and it most certainly is due to my age. Even with donor eggs it doesn't always work. Couples with infertility going through IVF even in their 20's can and do have failed cycles. They also miscarry. So it's not so much that donor eggs are a guarantee, but that they dramatically increase your chances for those of us in our 40's. I do look forward to your updates and wish you success!

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Hi there. I haven't used donor eggs myself. (But would in a heartbeat, it's just hard in Canada with our strange laws around the issue). I have however been on this board a long time and know of several women who did successfully...all in their mid 40's. Most aren't on here much anymore, too busy with those cute little babies! I can tell to you that it's not uncommon to have a failed cycle or two with IVF, whether it be your own eggs or donor. For some it happens first try, for others it takes a few. I'm so sorry your transfer failed and I wish you success the next time. I know it is heartbreaking, but there are so many success stories, and I know your friend can be one too!


Hi Azidd1,

I'm so sorry to hear that your friends first cycle failed. I had a missed miscarriage on my first cycle but was successful with my second transfer which was a beautiful FET.

It so devastating when the cycle fails. I felt the same! I also thought "I'm using a donor egg so it should work" but looking at the statistics anyone under 35yrs (donors age) has around 35% chance with each cycle, which is 1 in 3. So it should work for your friend on her second or third go.

I really don't think the age of the mother affects the success although I think you have to be reasonably healthy and had all the relevant tests. I was 43 when I gave birth to my little darling.

I hope you dear friend has her longed for baby very soon!

Good luck



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