In 2WW and have OHSS - bit scared!


I’m 9dp5dt with first round of IVF. All has gone fairly smoothly up to now but 3 days ago I started to get really bloated (I have always been bloated on the stims but nothing like this). It’s now really starting to distress me as I can’t sleep very well as I’m so uncomfortable, find it hard to walk upright or eat any large amount and it doesn’t seem to be getting better.

I’m drinking lots, have a little nausea but otherwise I don’t have any of the other signs of severe OHSS but I’m not sure how much more swelling I can cope with.

Could anyone reassure me about how long this might last for? I think if I had a better idea of that then I could cope better!

Thanks. Xx

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  • Make sure your clinic are aware so they can monitor you if necessary xx

  • Will ring them this morning. 👍 xx

  • 👍🏻

  • OHSS was my first real symptom of pregnancy so hopefully this is a really good sign for you! I had bloating from around the same time and I would say it lasted about 2 weeks after my BFP. I only had a mild case apparently but was still really uncomfortable and had to take a week off work.

    Good luck and hope you're not suffering for too much longer! xx

  • Thank you. That’s reassuring to hear. Xx

  • Hello peppy, I can relate and totally do understand the inconveniences and unease associated with OHSS. I experienced it during my first ivf attempt ,I tried to eat food in small portions, mostly sat upright, was on bed rest for some days, drank water in small quantity too and kept in touch with my doctor.... You should be fine in a few days.

  • Good advice and gives me some hope that it won’t last too much longer hopefully! Thank you. 🙂

  • Contact your clinic hun x I was put on blood thinning injections as I was borderline OHSS and really bloated. They got me in for scan to check everything was OK xx

  • Clinic just said to rest up and it will pass, which is probably right but I would have liked to have had someone check me out. Hey ho! Thanks for reply though. Xx

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