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Pain after IUI

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I had my second IUI today and it was painful. Nurse thinks she pranged the internal opening of my cervix which hurt like hell. Since procedure I’ve had crampy period pains which have persisted. Not awful but last time I only had them for couple of hours. No significant bleeding so I don’t think any damage done. Just wondering if others have had similar pain after IUI? I have endometriosis too so not sure if some of the pain is from that being aggravated too. I’m worried incase more crampy pain means the iui is less likely to work as I’ve heard uterine spasms cause problems for IVF implantation but not sure if the same applies for IUI. Two week wait to find out though...

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Hi Lcjames83. Probably due to the nurse having to clamp your cervix to hold it in position, causing cramping as your womb settles back down after being manipulated. Hope all soon settles down and the cycle ends successfully. Obviously if it worsens you need to see your doctor. Diane


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