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IVF Crinone Gel and Exercise

Hello, more questions in regards to the ivf.. I'm on my 2 week wait.. next Friday I see if this has all worked!

Crinone gel- I haven't had spotting as such yet, but my doctor told me after every day to put my fingers inside me and scoop out the extra bits (sorry), apparently this will make you feel a lot better, however brown bits are coming out when I do this, so I can't work out if its blood or the egg just settling in, it doesn't come out when I wee or in my knickers... sorry for all the details it's just all so confusing. I did read that sometimes spotting is a good sign, as it shows the egg is settling in... but I'm scared of finding spotting... sometimes google is dangerous! Any advice appreciated.

Exercise- has anyone been doing exercise throughout the 2ww? My doctor said it take it easy, and only go walking swimming etc, I haven't done any yet though, but I love exercise and keeping fit and healthy and running and gymming, any advice on this as well?! Of course I would never do anything to harm or danger what is inside me it is just nice to get advice from people who are doing this as well.

Thank you


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I was never told to do this with crinone it sounds like doing this would irritate cervix I believe. I use shower head and just go to the beginning and if there's bits there take them out. I don't know but I think the scooping out every day is bound to cause some irritation hence the brown bits some one else doing the same scooping experienced this the other day. Xx


I agree with allweneedisluv I only ever used the shower head or occasionally cleared out the bits I could clearly see. I would be careful scooping to much out, as for exercise I just walked I have 2 dogs so that’s a bonus. I read somewhere you should be careful about swimming in the tww but not sure how much truth is in it? Hopefully someone else might be able to clear that one up. I’d also be careful about going to the gym if you have a fresh cycle as your ovaries are probably still quite large and you could do some damage. Lots of luck xx


I was told to avoid swimming, the gym and running and only to do gentle exercise such as walking x


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