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Exercising during IVF?

Hi everyone,

I just wondered if anyone has had/read any advice about exercising during an IVF cycle? We are starting our first cycle in three weeks and I want to make sure in doing all the right things.

I'm normally an avid runner who runs most days and I take boxercise classes twice a week. Iv heard that you shouldn't exercise at all during a cycle firstly to encourage egg growth and then to make sure you don't affect utering blood flow? What's everyone else doing?



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Hi Spongy. I'm just doing some walking each day. The clinic told me not to do anything that stresses my body and makes me break sweat and no cold swimming pools either. To be honest exercise is the last thing I feel like as the treatment makes me feel exhausted some days & I'm very bloated. Currently on 2nd cycle and having egg collection op next week.

Good luck with your first cycle 😚 x x


Hi Noodles,

Thank you for the reply. I'm wondering if that's going to be the case for me. I grew 1 follicle with Clomid on one round and I was in so much pain. I wonder if that means if I do respond to the meds it will be painful?!

Was your clinic advice throughout the whole cycle? Or just after egg collection?

Pm27... What is your usual exercise? Did you have any pain at all during your cycle?

Thanks for all your support guys xx


My usual exercise includes swimming, walking, running, water workout and yoga. I shall ease off on running and yoga during 2ww. The clinic said it was fine to continue with my usual exercise until EC and then take it easy during 2ww.

I felt bloated before and after EC, no particular pain just uncomfortable. It's ok to take paracetamol for pain.


Thanks so much for this info.

I think I will just have to see how I go.

Good luck with everything xx


I think you have to listen to your body and just see how you feel. Some days i'm okay other days I get tired easily and can't wait to get home from work. I'm feeling bloated & quite uncomfortable just now so i'm kinda hoping my op will be Wed & that I won't need to wait until Fri.

I usually go to the gym but I just don't have the energy. Think my body's too busy trying to grow the follicles 💚 x x


I continued with my usual exercise up to EC. I then took it easier during the 2ww and avoided swimming until after finishing the antibiotics. The clinic said to not start any new exercise during treatment.

Good luck.


Hi, I am very similar to you in the sense I'm at the gym or running everyday. We had our first cycle in August and I exercised everyday upto embryo transfer except for egg collection day. It didn't impact on the egg growth as we had 15 good eggs collected. After transfer I did stop all exercise except walking which I found very difficult but you do what you have to do in order to make things work. Unfortunately for us it didn't. I'll be doing the same again during our second cycle.

I think you need to follow your body and if you feel fit enough to exercise up to the transfer then go for it. I personally found it was a good way to relax and not think of what I was going through.

Good luck xx


I swam throughout. Just not in the 2ww due to infection risk


Thanks for the replies everyone. It seems that everyone is different with how they feel so I guess I just have to see. Exercise has always been my way of relaxing and without it I know I will find it tough. I will do whatever it takes to try and help this work though so for a short time I will just try and find other ways to relax!

Good luck everyone xxx



I had the same question when I went through my first IVF cycle in Feb/March this year as it seems to be a bit of a grey area with lots of conflicting advice.

I am a fitness instructor and personal trainer so being able to exercise is pretty key to my job as I teach eight classes a week. I carried on completely as normal through most of the down regulation although I had really bad insomnia last time so I did struggle a bit with tiredness after a couple of weeks and I do remember doing my usual Saturday morning Body Pump and Body Combat classes one week and feeling like I had lost all my fitness because the Buserelin really wiped me out so I just listened to my body and eased off when I needed to.

I was off work for a few days over the egg collection and embryo transfer and after that followed the doctor's advice of not getting my body temperature up and I took it easy in my classes that I taught but I did carry on with light exercise because I had to teach.

That round of IVF sadly didn't work and I am on my second round now (just started the Gonal F stim drugs last Friday). I feel a lot better on this round, not sure why but I am having acupuncture this time and have changed my diet quite a bit so they might help. So I've been exercising as normal because I've felt ok. I am, however taking two weeks off work after my embryo transfer because I don't want to be tempted to do too much and regret anything. I'll just take my dog for lots of nice walks and do nice things to keep me happy and relaxed :)

I also have horses so have to keep them fit and I've carried on riding and competing without any bother. Last time though I sent my horses away for three weeks over the transfer and two week wait as I didn't want my husband blaming any failure on me riding! I'm doing the same this time.

Sorry for the long reply, I just think it's always good to hear what different people do and you'll realise that everyone is different because it depends how you feel and how you react to the drugs. After the embryo transfer though I would be careful and I'd follow the same advice that I would with any pregnant clients along with anything additional your consultant advises. The way I think is don't do anything that you may look back on and think 'I wish I hadn't done that'. Personally I think during the drug treatment it doesn't matter - if your body is used to exercising then continue if you feel ok. If your body isn't used to exercising then don't suddenly start.

Good luck with it all!

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Hi spongy. I exercised as normal till egg growing drugs, doing spin, zumba, pilates, etc then cut down to pilates and yoga. During 2 week wait I cut everything out and just went for walks. My clinic still says no swimming for at least another 2 weeks, but back to yoga tomorrow x I did squeeze in a cheeky spin in after egg collection and day before transfer x x


Hi JOjo and Cazo,

Thanks for taking the time to reply. I think it all makes sense really. I never want to look back in years to come and say 'what if I hadn't done that?' Or 'what if I'd rested more'. It's such a personal decision.

I will definitely not do anything after egg collection and will just see how I feel during the stimulation phase I think. It's all so daunting.

Just want to get started now!!!

Good luck to everyone xx


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