2ww with hypothyroidism??

Can some one help me ?? I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism with level 5.69 and can I expect some miracle to happen this cycle or should I just ignore as it’s not gonna happen with my levels ??? Atleast I can inform my husband not to expect anything , he is expecting too much and started his dialogues already that I should not do this or that which is so irritating ..

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  • Hi

    Did the clinic not test for your levels before starting your ivf as part of the HFEA screening tests? Your hypothyroidism should have been kept in check before getting to the transfers stage!! Ask your gp to keep an eye on your levels. I have hypothyroidism myself and the clinic was most insistent on getting my dose and levels correct before we were allowed to even start IVF.

    Keep badgering your GP/nurse till they take notice. Thyroid levels can have problems for pregnancies so get it checked out and monitored!!!

    Keep me posted how you get on. Best wishes for your 2ww.

  • Hey ya ,

    Thanks for your reply ., No I am on ivf , we just started ttc 4 months , I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism last month in India and since then I took tablets . But then that dosage (12.5mcg)from India or something was not ok with me and I got Severe leg pain . So my Doctor asked to stop the tablets for a while and asked to take a blood test . Took blood test and waiting for my result Tomo . So just wondering should I expect anything this Cycle or not with my hypothyroidism level .

  • I am currently on 175mcg of Levothyroxine. Hope that your blood test gets things sorted for you. Look after yourself.

  • Sure thanks for that .

  • I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism a number of years back and at about the same time as my fertility journey. The consultant really wanted things to be stable and level whereas the endochrinologist said get on with it.

    There are guidelines out there and ideally your TSH needs to be below 2.5.

    I would suggest getting your bloods rechecked and for your dose to be adjusted accordingly. This could take some time until they get the right dose levels.

    Good luck.

  • Yes am expecting my blood reports today and need to get my right dosage,,,this is so much pain and really wish something to happen naturally. Thanks for that

  • My levels are 5.9 I’m on 125 mcg x dr was quite happy with everything

  • mine was same as 5.9 and was given just 12.5 mcg from India but not sure whats wring with it, i get severe leg pain so stopped it as now. , so how long did you take the tablets to get everything OK? you took in the morning? am so stressed with the result and freaking out...

  • I’ve not been taking my medication regular so I’m at fault really been very very naughty 😔 but dr did say my levels should be perfect in about 6 weeks on my next blood test in December so not long and they should settle for u too if taking the correct dosage

  • aww ok am so particular in my medicines , so I hope i will stick on it.. I completely stopped eating cabbage, brocolli, califlower ect which all bad for hypo.. started to take coconut oil daily, olives, brazil nuts ,cranberry juice,...so am expecting some good result sooner. so if your levels should be perfect in 6 weeks, how long you have been taking now? Thanks for your reply

  • 3 weeks solid 😊

  • Awww k k,, thanks for that

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