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BFP - OHSS as the giveaway

I got my BFP this morning! I'm sooo happy and still in shock however by the end I did have an inkling. I thought I would post about my symptoms because similar posts helped me on the TWW (although I know you shouldn't compare, it's impossible) ;)

The biggest giveaway for me was by far extreme bloating. I was always at risk of OHSS and luckily avoided it right up until a few days ago. It felt very different to pre-period bloating so I was happy to experience it to be honest. It's not too painful yet and only slightly uncomfortable but I already look about 4 months pregnant. It could get worse but I'll speak to my clinic when I have official blood test on Monday.

Other symptoms for me were sore boobs mainly nighttime and in the mornings and then on and off cramping from about 5dp3dt onwards. Cramping is still coming and going but it's not worrying me as much anymore.

Wishing everyone luck on their TWW!! xxx

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Thank you for sharing your symptoms and congrats on your BFP!!!! X

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Congratulations 🎉👍🏼 xxx

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Congratulations! Lovely news. I hope the OHSS improves soon!

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