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We made it to transfer!

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After I had 6 eggs at EC on Monday but only one fertilised I'd pretty much given up, I cried all night on Tuesday thinking it was all over and my one embryo wouldn't make it, but it did!!

After very little sleep then an anxious morning as I expected a call say don't come in the embryo hasn't survived, i had transfer today. I'm so happy to have gotten this far, even though the transfer hurt a lot more than I expected and I know there's still obviously a lot more to go through, after nearly three years of trying I don't think I'll completely relax until I have our baby, but I'm so happy that things are working so far.

Now for the 2 week wait!

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That's great news. It only takes one and this is the highest quality of the batch. Good luck with your little lone ranger x

All the best x

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Fantastic news. Sending you lots of luck for the next two weeks. X

That’s great news, good luck for the 2ww x

Good luck in the 2ww 😊 Xxx

So glad you got to transfer - wishing you lots of luck xxx

Great news, wishing you the very best & good luck for the 2ww!! xx

Really happy for u ! Try and relax during the 2ww. Wishing you the best of luck !

Absolutely brilliant news! Sending you so much luck and sticky baby dust. Well done to you and your little embryo xx

Woohoo! Welcome to the longest 2 weeks of your life!!!

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Runner90 in reply to Filmgirl101

It's been less than a day and it already feels long!

Welcome to the 2ww!!! We both have just the one each so all our positive vibes can be spent on the special one. My ET was very long and uncomfortable, and my EC was really painful, so not looking forward to doing it all over again - only time will tell.... good luck with the 2ww!!!! X

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Runner90 in reply to Scarlett13

The dr told me it wouldn't hurt but they did also make me sign papers saying I consent to having it without anesthetic so maybe that should have been my warning that it wouldn't be pain free!

I'm not super keen on going through the whole thing again straight away either, so come on little embryo!

Wishing you a positive outcome as well:)

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Fab news good luck on 2ww xx

Good luck with the 2ww, relax and eat healthy. Xx

Good luck xx

Wishing you lots of luck and baby ✨✨✨ xxxx

Good luck to you and hoping everything goes well for you! Thats me also on my 2ww as of today! 😄 xx

Good luck on the 2ww 🤞💗💙🌈👣💋

I don’t know how long ago u had embryo transfer. But it only takes one. You know ur body. Read it.

22 years ago I went thru similar w first try cycle in vitro. Two eggs on US. I cried with nurse in room. Doc wanted to stop. Finally I sd I’ve never quit anything in my life. Next day a third egg was seen behind the ovary. 3 eggs harvested. 2 fertilized. And transferred. Within the tree hours lying in clinic I cd feel two spots in uterus like a slight burn. Didn’t think much about it except one are high uterus n second lower. Then the wait. The first 3 days laying in bed hardest my friends gave me a rattle and little onesies. I used em like a mantra and. Imagined a little bird in my uterus making a nest for the babies. I had to travel for business started spotting. Knew it was over. Went to my appt was put in a Rm. I told my favorite nurse about spotting and knew I wasn’t preg. She cut me off and sd I have ur results. Do u want them. Preg. Sd I sh come back next day s t odd in lab results. Then she sd hormone levels double what sh be cd be twins. U S at 14 days I think. Twin A had heart beat and was high in uterus. embryo B did not n was low in uterus. So I was preg with my daughter. She’s now 21.

That's great, my friend only had one last to blastocyst and it was her first IVF. She's just given birth to a little baby girl so it only takes one. Good luck xx

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