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Some side effects during Round 2

So I'm currently on my second cycle of IVF and I'm taking 100 of Gonal F and 0.25 of Cetrotide. Last time I felt pretty emotional and this time I mentally feel really good, but my physical symptoms are definitely stronger than last time. I feel bloated and a bit sore (in the area of my ovaries). I could be overthinking things, but I have a whole week or so to go before egg collection and it seems a bit early for these symptoms. Has anyone else felt bloated, sore and a bit heavy on Gonal F and Cetrotide?

I also feel a little nauseous from time to time.....

I'm having a scan and bloodtest tomorrow (regular as part of the cycle) but do you think I should mention these symptoms to the nurse? I have poly-cystic ovaries and I just don't want to get OHSS.

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Hi I was on menopur and just drank loads of water as advised and didn’t experience any symptoms other then tiredness x


I was on Gonal F both cycles & it made me feel very heavy too!! Don't worry - your body is doing what it needs to do!! x

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Hello! I felt like this when I had gonal f on my first round, I swear I was waddling by the end of it! Drink lots and lots of water, and definitely tell your nurse as it’s so important they know everything that’s happening, good luck with everything lovely xxxx

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