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Scratch this morning 😫

Well had the scratch this morning for my 3rd and final cycle. Got to say I found it painful , squeezed the nurses hand and cried but it didn’t go as smooth as some do so guess I was just unlucky . Had paracetamol before I went and felt like period pains after I had hot water bottle at work felt really tired for few hours after. Then ok then at around 2pm tummy pains again so more paracetamol . Getting an early night tonight x

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Hi. Just wanted to say well done for surviving the scratch... I had one on Monday afternoon - it was really "ouchy" - I felt like I was going to hit the ceiling! Hopefully all with it in the end though... I had it in preparation for our FET which will hopefully be at the beginning of November, how about you? Good luck with your cycle! Xx


Hiya same with me, mine is in prep for FET which I’m also expecting early November, this is my first frostie but my 3rd round. (I didn’t have any Frosties from my first cycle which was free, our second cycle we had this one frostie left after having two 3 day embryos transferred) We’ve also decided it’s our last go so I’m hoping fingers crossed for 3rd time lucky. Good luck with yours are you using the drugs with your cycle. I had an injection Monday and then on 23rd I’m due to start some tablets, then few days later on to pessaries I think. I might try glue this time too as it’s my last go although my consultant doesn’t seem that convinced by it , good luck xx


I'll keep everything crossed for you! We might be 2ww buddies...

Yes, I'm currently down regging with buserelin. I have a scan booked for 19th October as long as I've had a bleed by then. Then hopefully a couple of weeks of HRT ttablets to thicken womb lining and once that's ready they will thaw our 2-day old embryos (we have 5 in the freezer) and aim to grow on to blastocyst before transfer... our consultant has said it would be worth us using glue if we do get a blastocyst to transfer - mainly due to my age (I'm 38). I'll also be taking prednisolone steroids as I have raised nk cells and then cyclogest pessaries after transfer... 🤞🤞🤞


Similar age too I’ve just turned 39. I have one grade 4bb embryo that they froze at day 6 so they will thaw and transfer the same day if all goes ok . 🤞🤞


My second one was painful. It’s horrid isn’t it? I’m looking at having to have another now 😕 Hopefully you’ll never have to have another again 🤞 xx


I know I think it’s been my worse part of the process so far other than the bfns . Yeah defo not doing it again this is my 3rd and final go so keeping everything crossed xx

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My first one wasn’t so bad 🤷‍♀️

Good luck 🍀 xx


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