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Diet and lifestyle motivation support... Anyone interested?

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I am trying to get my BMI down and for the last month I've been good at my healthy eating and lost a wee bit of weight!👊 buuuuuuut a month in my motivation and creativity in the kitchen is twindling.

I wondered if any of you lovely ladies would be interested in a group chat. Exchanging recipes, food pics, good food finds, vitamins, etc. Maybe it's a silly idea🤷 I know I wish there was more people I could talk to frankly about the day to day stuff. No bother if you're not interested!🤗

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that's a great idea. I had to lose 2 st so know how hard it can be. I joined slimming world and it worked gradually losing 1.5 pound a week on average. My fave recipe at mo is Jamaican chicken which you can google for the recipe

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Macavela in reply to louisear

Wow!!👏👏👏 that's amazing, I bet you feel fab! That's a huge loss, keep the tips coming my way!😁

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louisear in reply to Macavela

I got down to 79kgs from 95 and without doubt, the feeling is amazing I do lose will power but you have to keep thinking back to how good it made you feel xx

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Macavela in reply to louisear

That is so inspiring! What an achievement, ttc is so out of our control, I imagine it must be good to know that you've done everything to prepare your (gorgeous skinny!) Temple. I really hope whatever your next move may be it'll be the happy ending you deserve! Btwa friend of mine had IVF in a clinic in Barcelona and had a very positive experience. I noticed you mentioned it in your last post. I can send you on the details if you like🖒 keep the faith❤

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louisear in reply to Macavela

aw, thank you! I went abroad recently and my suitcase weighed the amount of kilos I lost! When you lift it and realise how heavy it is you realise how well you've done. Details for Barcelona would be great thx xx

Sounds like a brilliant idea xxx

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Macavela in reply to LauraGU

Yey! Let's see what we get back then I'll put out the feelers in a private message😁

I would be interested in that - sounds like a great idea!!

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Macavela in reply to lorraineb61

Delighted I'm not the only one! Everybody on here has so much to offer, let's share and spur each other on!

I'd be interested!! I have been watching some great motivational videos on YouTube to try to get me in the zone. Trying to get there!! Have already lost about 1.5st from previous ivf cycle but hoping to lose another stone for next go. Keep us posted xxx

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Macavela in reply to Lilli79

I need some of your dedication! That's an amazing loss, go you! Hopefully we can all share our ideas and help and motivate each other😁

I would love u join! I’m trying to loose some at the moment and am always looking for new things to try x

I'd be interested! My BMI is fine for ivf but I've put on nearly 2 stone over a few years and don't feel comfortable and I've not been eating great and have stopped exercising due to surgery and need to get back on the healthy train to improve my ivf chances and improve my emotional wellbeing! X

I'd be interested too! Always looking for good healthy recipes. I've put on so much recently between the drugs then comfort/treat eating after failures....getting ridiculous!!xx

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Great idea - thanks. Count me in, I am very keen. I keep eating cake and cheese.

I was very good on IVF 1 but never got back into the swing of it since.

MY BMI is fine but hold weight around middle, which is the worst part.

Group chat sounds great, to exchange tips. xx

Great idea. Count me in. I know I have transfer in the morning but even though bmi is fine for ivf as it currently stands I'm about 2 stone heavier than I really should be and I hate it. X

I was also asked to get my BMI down and after that I was on diet but my routine was early morning big mug of green tea with honey to taste empty stomach. Then half hour later 1 apple then again green tea and then cereal. After that cucumber then later on green tea and then proper food n again green tea that's it one meal a day rest I survived on fruits and green tea. You can also try flavoured tea.

This was me and I lost quite a lot weight. Now I'm 2 weeks pregnant. I know I had to keep my weight same but I never given up.

All the best 👍🏻😘

That's super. I don't have no social media so how would we do this? I'm border line obese so would looooove to get it down 3 stone. Least 2. Great idea xx

I was thinking whatsapp? I think most people have it, it's easy and instant!

I'd like that too! I'm currently trying trying to lose as well to go for IVF so would b brill! Thx x

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Macavela in reply to Tranters

Yey! I'll send a private message to everyone in the thread to see if anyone would like to be in a group chat, I think it could be really good!

I would like to join you ladies too if that's OK, trying to lose some weight but well for a few days then have a "down in the dumps" day & comfort eat rubbish. Starting IVF in next couple of months so although my bmi is OK for this really want to be as healthy as I can be x

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Macavela in reply to hannahi

Sounds familiar Hannah!😄 I'd love to have you on board our healthy living chat!

I’d like to join. I’m not trying to lose weight but might possibly be able to help with hints and tips xx

Sounds like a great idea! I’d like to join too please. Keeping motivated and inspired is difficult x

Yes please! I've put on so much weight since my first cycle and need all the help I can get!

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I had to lose 2 stone for ivf, I usually lose a stone in the summer anyway because I am more active but the second stone was harder and required a massive change for me. I joined weight watchers, I didn't 100% follow the diet but i managed to lose the extra stone and the app has a news feed to post on. There were a few people that were losing weight for ivf so I found that helpful. I have kept the weight off and I am now trying to push myself to lose another stone before my next treatment.

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I'd be interested. Starting IVF in a couple of months so I would like to get a lot healthier. I don't need to lose weight but I wouldn't mind losing the 7lbs I've put on in the past year! I've started running again but could do with an extra boost of motivation as we head towards winter xx

Sounds a great idea I need to try loose a stone and a half my bmi is fine for ivf but according to nhs bmi chart I am over weight a stone and 3bls so would like to get it off before my next attempt. Xx

Wow ladies! Totally overwhelmed and delighted so many folk up for some motivational chat! I'm going to have a look and see if there's an app or chat thing we could use. Any ideas please share!😁

Don’t know how people would feel about joining a what’s app group only thing Is would have to give our phone numbers out. At my work we have a WhatsApp group I work ad support worker we use it to cover shifts and pass on information about the people we support. Xx

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Macavela in reply to Littledee88

I have sent everyone on the thread a private message hopefully with an alternative that may be good without mobile numbers🖒 never used it but can give it a go! Totally agree about the number thing, especially with work and things!

I'm up for that too. I seem to be addicted to sugary things at the moment so some motivation would really help. I need to get my hubby to lose some too and see if it improves his sperm count!

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