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Hey all,

So an update from my last post. Myself and my husband are more distant than every. He told me this morning that he is questioning everything... kids, us, everything.

I wondered if anyone else has been here before after low sperm results come back?

I know it may sound crazy as so many people are going through infertility and worse however, I suppose this is my world right now.

I feel so lost, I feel like I am going through an angry stage and I don't want to talk to him because he is so irrational?

Anyone else experienced their husband going through these emotions after results?



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I know exactly how your feeling when we found out my husbands sperm results were low he pushed me away.

He took it very bad as I think most men would. He told me to leave him and he couldn't give me what I wanted. He wanted me no where near him. We got his results really badly as in the receptionist gave him a piece of paper with no dr to see for over a week to explain it. As you do we googled it all which added extra stress.

All I can advise is give it time I didn't push things and gave him space to take it in. We got married this year 2 years after the results and are currently on our 2nd cycle of icsi. He made many life changes and his sperm quality has improved and he is now very open to sperms donors etc if needed.

I will be thinking of you and hope everything will settle for you both soon. Here if you want to talk xx

He has lost what he thinks is his maleness, so he is in shock and grieving. Hopefully he will come round. Good luck

I’m so sorry to hear the huge strain the news has put your relationship under. Im lucky that all of our struggles have made us even stronger, sometimes we feel like it’s us against the world but I know it’s not like that for everyone. Would your hubby consider counselling with you? I really hope things improve for you soon xx

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