Update 😊

So from my first post Thursday after getting the funding approval call. Today I've received our full paperwork package with all initial appointments. First one being 3 weeks from today, then then next 2 a couple of days later. Feeling very lucky!

I have only got half way through reading all the paperwork - currently off work with a migraine 😀 But I was wondering, does the start of treatment depend of your own cycle? Or will it begin straight away?

Very new to all this and very confused 😣

Thanks for any advise in advance!


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  • Depends on your cycle. You phone them on day 21 of a period and they start from there (depending upon what protocol they put you on sets the dates). I had a blood test for amh, hubby had to do a sample and I also had a scan 2-3days into cycle before getting to the discussion of when we start. Lots of legalities to discuss at implications meeting aswell add them going through an explanation of what is going to happen. X

  • Ooh okay. We've had all tests done prior to this point apart from the bloods (HIV/Hepatitus) which is what out first appt is for here.

    Will just wait and see what they say I guess. Obviously going to depend on quite a lot of different factors!

    Thanks for your reply. It's good hear other people's stories too 😊 All finally seeming very real now, excited to get it all started.


  • My clinic redid all the tests again because they weren't happy with the nhs ones in regard to amh and husband's tests. It's where we found out that my husband's swimmers have issues which wasn't picked up in the nhs test.

    Our first clinic appointment was 30th Dec with me starting long protocol 5 days ago. But I guess depends on your clinic and how they go about things and how many others they are treating.

  • Hi! I'm very close to this point as well, we will go and see my Consultant to discuss about starting the IVF process. We will do the blood test for HIV and hepatitis. I just wandering how long it will take since I will start the treatment!?

    If anyone can help?! Thanks

  • I think it depends on your personal cycle and what medication you will be on.

    From what I can make out it all varies per person. But I can't imagine that it will be too long after all these appointments. Once you've agreed to go ahead and all tests have been run surely it's time to start!?! 😊

    I'm in the same position as you so just presuming really xox

  • I hope I have more information after I see my Consultant today. I'm going for a scan to see how my folicles grow and I will speak about IVF, we decided to go for it in the end after 1 year of medication. It was really hard to take the decision as we want to conceive naturally... the Consultant said will take up to 3 weeks until we start but don't know exactly how.

  • Hiya, I'm sure the consultant will provide all information needed today. Good luck with your appointment 😊

    I think we all have the same struggles, no one really expects to need help to start a family. I certainly didn't. But now that I do, I will try whatever possible to make it happen. It's just part of the path chosen for us.

    Exciting times ahead. All the best xox

  • Hi Jadep01. During the β€œlong protocol” form of IVF treatment, there is little or no difference between starting down regulation at the beginning of your cycle or on Day 21. It is really just down to the consultant/clinic and their procedures, but in terms of response to drugs and success rates there is no difference. The only thing that is thought to have a slight difference is that if you start on Day21 then you are less likely to get cysts develop on your ovaries. However, it doesn't mean that you would get them by starting at beginning of your cycle either! Good luck with all and of course for success! Diane

  • Thanks Diane! Very good to know all different angles of this baffling journey I'm about to begin! 😊

  • Wishing all the very best Jadep... it's a long road ahead but we will all help you through it. Paperwork is quite daugthing but it will be all worth it hopefully.

  • Thanks Sanj. I'm keeping positive and as relaxed as possible. It's been a long enough journey so far so we're ready for this. Exciting but nervous times ahead 😊

  • Best of luck with your journey xxx

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