Hey guys just wondering if anyone else has been struggling with cramps? I had a positive test on 5/10 after 2 5 day embryos transferred, will be 7 weeks 3 days at my scan on 24/10 which can't come quick enough! I know stretching normal as uterus expands but how are you supposed to know what's normal pain and what isn't? Stayed for hours yesterday, had to end up taking a paracetamol xxx

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  • I had quite bad cramps right up until 8/9 weeks I was told as long as not bleeding with cramps it's all normal congratulations on your BPF wishing you all the best x

  • Thank you, not sure how i will ever enjoy this pregnancy! I don't know if I would bleed or not as I use Estrogen patches but I would assume if something went wrong I would. Trying to be logical and optimistic but it's chuffing hard! Xxx

  • I know I'm the same Hun it's very hard I still have awful anxiety that someone will happen I don't see why the patches would make you bleed Hun? Are you using progesterone aswell? Have you had a scan yet? I'm sure all is fine 😊 xx

  • Scan on the 24/10, wish time would fast forward! Yeah still on twice daily pessaries. Haven't had bleeding thankfully but as I'm on patches (donor FET) I wasn't sure if that would stop any potential bleeding xxx

  • I know it's such a horrible wait hopefully I passes quickly for you that's good no bleeding sweetie Sorry I don't know anything about the patches maybe ask your clinic? Xx

  • I just want a big fat bump so I know all ok! Hope your keeping well xxx

  • I'm 1 week shy of 20 weeks and worry about bump size! The whole journey is so hard but I'm praying all goes well and will be soooo worth it once lol buba here be thinking of you xx

  • Ive had cramping on and off and it terrifies me to but I've been assured it's 'normal'. I think we're always going to worry especially after all we've been through to get our BFP's x

  • I’ve had a lot of cramping on and off as well. Was assured it was normal. It’s a massive worry from start to finish! Lol xx

  • I’m sure it’s fine. Are you at all constipated? That can cause cramps. Lifting heavy things? I got a bit crampy yesterday because I had to carry a shopping bag and for a little while after I was quite crampy but soon passed. Try to take it easy. I’m sure it’s just normal though. Xx

  • No constipation, if anything the other way! I'm signed off work at the moment, work in a busy ward and I don't want to put myself at risk. Feel bad being off leaving colleagues short but I'm worried the stress associated with my job and the pace could do harm, I'm normally a chilled out person but this process has me crazy!! Xxx

  • Don’t feel guilty - if one of your colleagues was in the same circumstances you’d tell them to rest and not to worry xx sure it’ll all be fine - I’ve read it’s normal xxx

  • After my embryo transfer, at around 5w-6w I had strong like period pain and once I had to take paracetamol because it was that strong! At some point at 5w I had some brown spotting. The clinic asked for a scan to eliminate ectopic pregnancy and luckily it was all normal. At 7w5d we saw a strong heartbeat.

    I know this is a very stressful period and all we can do is just be patient... however, if you feel your pain is unbearable or you are in doubt, don't hesitate to contact your clinic. All the best xx.

  • Thanks I did, they just said to wait until scan as I've had spotting now too, hate this waiting game! Xxx

  • I know, it's one of these that you can't do much but only wait. Good luck, sending positive thoughts. xx

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