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3d IVF and DHEA


i'm 34 . it's more than 3 years that i and my husband try to have baby but nothing happen. the problem is sperm speed and abnormality.we do ivf for 2 times. firs time i released 4 eggs (which doctor said is too low) and the quality of embryos was not well enough that we couldn't transfer. second time 5 embryos which 4th of them transfered but the result was negetive.

i want to use DHEA supplement for more egg release that i can freeze them. but i'm not sure about it's effect on me?

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Hi there, I have just had a successful ivf cycle which has resulted in a bfp for me. The answer for me was DHEA, coq10 and changing the cycle to icis. I read the book it’s starts with a egg and changed a lot in my life style for example I stopped using shampoos that weren’t parben free.

I basically had a high AMH of 25.5 but responded poorly. I went from having 5 eggs with only 2 fertilised. To 14 eggs with 8 fertilised with 2 blastocysts.

Good luck there’s loads of ladies on this forum that can let you know how successful DHEA. Unfortunately Britain is behind with the research but there are lots of research papers out there to back up the success stories.xx


thanks for your reply. i was encouraged to the book you said.

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Yes read the book xx


I have beeen told to use DHea to help my egg quality. I have been on them for 3 month and have just started my injections. I'll find out in a few weeks if DHeA has help my eggs


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