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Short luteal phase of 9 days

Hi everyone

I'm in my two week wait so obviously google and I are well acquainted again. My last last 4 cycles I've been ovulating on CD19/20 according to the clear blue dual hormone OPK. However, my luteal phase is 9/10 day long.

I have a few questions, has anyone else gotten pregnant with a short luteal phase?

Do fertility doctors recognize this as a problem? If so is there any treatment?



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Snap lol, just posted something similar about our daughter. She’s just had a bfp at 11 days post ovulation, last month her luteal phase was just 8 days, we’re keeping everything crossed it doesn’t come away. I think they say it needs to be 10 days or more, we’d just ordered some natural progesterone cream for next month. Good luck xx

Oh and I don’t think most Drs see it as a problem, but then what do they know 😘


Ah congratulations to your daughter.


my luetal phase has always been 9 days. didn't stop me getting pregnant. 👍 assisted fertility didn't class it as a defect, as we already had a son when we were referred. Some fertility clinics class anything under 10 days as a defect, but mine didn't. X

good luck x

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