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Need to lengthen luteal phase


Any one have any ideas how I can lengthen my luteal phase? It’s usually around 11 days which I know is the cusp of being of but the last couple of cycles it’s been 10 😩 any ideas would be appreciated. Thanks

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He Bella,

I have just had a glance at your posts and its mostly like reading about me! I have a 9/10 day luteal phase.

I have tried acupuncture & vitex agnus castus & neither helped. Reflexology seems to have helped last month. Im on metformin this month and not come on yet. Luteal phase deficits are notoriously hard to fix i think xx

Bella_12 in reply to Sunshine92

Hi, I’m on metformin too have been for a couple of years now and it has made my cycles regular. I just need to get my luteal phase longer and maybe get my progesterone levels up but not sure how?!

I would recommend seeing an acupuncturist who specialises in women's health. I used to have an irregular 25 cycle and now it is regular 28 days, which I can credit to my fabulous acupuncturist!

Camillage in reply to Sfarre

I agree with Sfarre. Good luck xx

Bella_12 in reply to Sfarre

Thanks for your reply. I’ve tried Accupuncture a few years ago which helped, my cycles are regular but it’s just my luteal phase. I would like to do Accupuncture again but I just can’t afford it at the moment

Hi there, have seen your response that you can’t afford it at the mo but my recommendation would be acupuncture. I went to a fertility expert in North London and one of the things she did was increase my luteal phase. I know this as my cycle is like clockwork and although I have a long cycle, the luteal phase was short. She lengthened it by 2 days. My friend saw the same specialist and the same thing happened. Wishing you the best of luck x

You could try using B6, I think it’s best used as part of a B50 complex. It has definitely helped me with spotting during my luteal phase. Also agnus castus can help, or you can even try progesterone cream. I’ve tried all of these methods.

Bella_12 in reply to Sunshine122

Thanks, what one worked best for you? I’ve got Angus castes but didn’t know if o could take it with metformin at the same time?

Sunshine122 in reply to Bella_12

The b50 complex and agnus castus worked best for me, although I’m not sure about using with metformin x

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