Hey ladies, so me and my husband want to find a surrogate and my sister said she would do it. But I've read that even after giving birth, me and my husband will have no parental rights to the baby and will have to go to court to legally be able to have the baby. In the UK whoever gives birth to the child is their parent even if she's just the carrier. Just wanted to know if anyone here has had to go through this?

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  • I know this is true. At the alternative families show, they had lawyer stalls and there are lawyers who specialise in this. Worth a look?

  • I Want to find out how long it will take to actually be able to go home with the baby as well. Like, once my sister gives birth, then what happens? We can't be legal parents so the baby won't get to go home with us...? This is so upsetting :-(

  • I'm pretty sure that as soon as you're out of that hospital your sister could hand you the baby and you could take it home... there's no law to stop that!

    But honestly I think you need to take legal advice, it is possible to become the legal parents quickly but you have to get the paperwork in place. X

  • Maybe try joining this group to speak to more people going down the same route?

    Hope that helps x

  • Yes that's true for the UK. You will need to get a solicitor to draw up the necessary paper work and support you to get it approved with the courts. But as it's your sister the risk of complications will be quite low. You're very blessed that she will do that for you, finding a carrier that you can trust is the hardest part. Good luck xx

  • I don't suppose u know how long it would actually take before we become legal parents? Sorry for all the questions, I just don't understand why we can't take our baby home, go to a registry office and put our names on the birth certificate and that's it, we can be one happy family and be done with! Why does it have to be such a hard process, my sister is fine with it all.... It's so hard! :-(

  • If all the papers are drawn up before hand and it's all organised it can be weeks rather than months. There is nothing stopping your sister giving you your baby whilst you sort the papers out.

    I spoke to a solicitor about it recently and there are firms that specialise in this here in the U.K. Surrogacy is not really legal here it's a very grey area hence why you need a good solicitor to help you navigate the minefield. A surrogacy contact is not legally enforceable here, but as it's your sister this is one stress you don't need to worry about.

    Give a solicitor a call and book in for a free consultation.

    Good luck xx

  • Thank u ladies! U've been very helpful. Xoxo

  • I am doing surrogacy for my sister, it is nowhere near as complicated as it seems, pm me and I will give as much info as I can x

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