Monday I went for my 4th scan. More follicles than before but not yet correct size. Booked in for another scan Wednesday (today) where they said I have double the amount of follicles some of which are quite big. I thought great yippeee. They said not always a good thing. They are very concerned that I am suffering ohss so have sent me for urgent blood tests. Supposed to get results today but system failed so need to wait until tomorrow. Egg collection on Friday. Anyone else had ohss?

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  • I suffered from mild OHSS and an infection between EC and ET. Drink lots of water it does help and rest. Have you heard from your clinic about your blood test results? It's always the way that your follicles are doing what you want but then another problem arises. Good luck for EC xx

  • Thank you for your reply. Did you have to freeze your embryo before et due to ohss?

  • No I was quite lucky in the end I was able to go ahead with a fresh transfer but was in hospital for 3 days in between EC and ET. Do you think you'll have to freeze yours then?

  • They have said maybe. Still waiting for my results x

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