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First post and need advise

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Hi everyone,

We are hoping to have our 7th Fet cycle towards end of year. At moment I am being investigated for recurrent miscarriage, after heartbreakingly miscarrying on four occasions.

We are hoping to try something different, I have always take a the progesterone suppositories and was going to try the injections this time round.

Has any one used these, or would anyone have any advise for us? we are just so so desperate for our last little frozen embryo to stick and hold for those precious nine months.

Thanks mags

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I can't offer much advice as I have only tried the suppositories but I just wanted to wish you luck, after all you've been through I hope this time it all works out for you both.

We have been offered to have embryo glue this time round and I've heard of others having an endo scratch maybe you've tried these already but if not it might be worth looking into. Good luck xx

How far is the furthest you've got? Has the clinic suggested any reasons for your miscarriages? Sorry to hear about your losses x

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We got to 7 1/2 weeks in march of this year, heartbreaking, we had seen our little heartbeat!we have had embryo glue and the and the scratch each cycle.

So I have had a hysteroscopy, and it turns out I have a very slight heart shaped uterus. My consultant has reassured us he is certain this is not the reasons for miscarrying however it would not help our case. We have had every blood test under the sun carried out, all which are normal, final of which was down today. My consultant does not have great belief in NK testing so has advised he will treat us with medication as if I have tested positive for it. Going to ring clinic when I get results of today's bloods and arrange a consultation to talk about next cycle. Thanks so much for your replies ladies.

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Lizzielizzielizzie in reply to Hidden

Maybe get a second opinion on the uterus shape? One friend of mine had an operation which reduced the heart shape of her uterus and she successfully carried her next two pregnancies to term.

On the other hand, another friend with a bicornate uterus lost two pregnancies but just kept trying and carried her third to term. It’s hard to know from other people’s stories but I think it’s worth looking into

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