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First Round of IVF - ET Yesterday

Hi this is the first time I've posted here.

After a number of years trying naturally we started the ivf process this year, drugs regimen started 11th Aug with egg harvesting last Monday. Out of 10 harvested, 6 were mature and fertilised, one was then abnormal after 24 hrs so I was left with 5 and scheduled for et 5 days later ie yesterday.

I had my ET yesterday afternoon, it all went fine, one top quality blastocyst developed making the choice easy, the other 4 will be checked again today and either frozen or disguarded (sad thoughts) deepending on their progress.

I'm not sure how to feel it's all very strange, happy but nervous I guess. I want to be positive but after so many disappointments over the years it's hard not to think the worst

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Hello and welcome. Well done on getting one top quality transferred back in, hopefully you will get some to freeze too. I had 9 collected 4 fertilised 1 top quality day 5 blastocyst put back in and 2 top quality ones frozen. Got my BFP last week so it can work! Try to keep your mind occupied during your 2ww and stay away from dr Google as it really doesn't help. Watch tv, go for a walk when you are able and read a good book! Good luck and hope that you get your BFP xxxx


Thanks for your message.

Just got a call from the clinic, only one of the remaining was suitable for freezing but it's only a 3BC. The other 3 will be destroyed 😢

Fingers crossed this will be successful and I'll get good news like you 🤞🏼🙏🏼☘️


Keep the hope - we only got 6 eggs from our last cycle - 4 fertilised - by day 5 there was only 1 2bb remaining and the other 3 had 'perished' so none to freeze - struggled to have hope as 2bb is not great and thought our chances were just too low with only one embryo but that 1 is now miraculously a 28 week pregnancy - keep relaxed as much as possible and keep the faith as it can happen - wishing you all the very best x


Thanks so much for your reply and congrats on your pregnancy!

I keep looking out for symptoms which is ridiculous I know.

How many rounds of ivf have you done?


Yeah the googling of symptoms drives you crazy - also the symptoms of pregnancy are very similar to AF - sore boobs etc so it really does drive you mad! We were incredibly lucky that our first round was successful - but we'd gone through 5 years of ttc, a devastating miscarriage and a pretty major op to restructure my uterus and remove severe endo before even getting to IVF! I found a hypnotherapy cd called IVF belief by Helen McPherson and acupuncture invaluable during the lead up and the 2ww for helping with anxiety...seriously hoping you get your BFP x


Wow you have been through the wars! Your pregnancy must be like a little miracle after all that

We have been trying for about 3 years but no positive pregnancy tests at all and no obvious reason for our infertility, all tests we had were clear. "Unexplained infertility" they call it.

I have the sore boobs but that's from the progesterone as it started before ET.

The 27th seems so far away, but it also give a nice bubble where I can think I'm pregnant.

I hope you have a wonderful pregnancy and beautiful little one


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