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I have heard/read all about DHEA.....Ah, what exactly is it and what does DHEA stand for? I have a very good AMH result BUT I am 44 years old, so need to make sure I have very good egg quality as I don't want to be throwing good money after bad at the private clinic. I asked my clinic what was the best way to get the best quality eggs and they just shrugged and said, just look after yourself. If I can get better quality eggs at my age then I am willing to do anything?

Need some advice and fast. Thanks peeps!!!

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Check out some of my earlier posts about dhea. Jury still out but my clinic recommend it and my egg quality increased on Round 2 after taking it then again even better on Round 3 after surcingles micronized dhea from the states. Good chapter about it in the book it starts with the egg xx

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Hi, Yammie keep me posted too if you find anything helpful on DHEA apart from Vic's posts. I'll do a considerate amount of internet digging too on the same. Will update you if I happen to find anything significant on it. :) Hope joint efforts works well to get us pregnant!


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