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Brazil nuts and what else?

O.K, can I please ask what is all the info re brazil nuts and other items that help conception that I have been reading snippets of here, there and everywhere else? Is it true, or myths or something to consider? I don't know anything in great detail. My oh and I are continuing with accupuncture whilst doing IVF with ICSI. Any more info would be greatly appreciated as well as pros and cons. Thanks peeps 😊

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Brazil nuts are advised after transfer, as is pineapple WITH the core. They are supposed to contain chemicals that aid implantation. There's probably little scientific evidence to support them but what have you got to lose by trying? xx

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Thanks, I will definitely keep it in mind, regardless of scientific evidence. 😉 Happen a good job I'm not allergic to nuts or pineapples with the core!

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