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So unsure to what's going on and how far I would be

So I'm 7 days in on a 5 day transfer with 2 emails on a frozen round. I have had a faint line for the last 2 days and a hcg of 32, the nurse seems to think it's rather low and that it's probably a fouls positive and just might be because of the medication. I never had this last time and my hgc level was only 1. I am now in a bit of pain and really bloated and defo feels like my period is coming. Anyone else had any of this. Any positive stories from this experience would really help. Thinking of everyone that's going through this 2ww and that's had bad news today xx

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Im not sure what to say... as ive no experience of this. But just wanted to say I am thinking of you. Im day 6p5dt and I have the worst anxiety about it. The 2ww is so so hard. Wishing you good news and so much luck xxxxx


Thankyou rainbow_86 and to you. Yes it's so hard. Xxx


Sending hugs... your not alone. Hope it all works out ok xxxx


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