2nd round failed - I was so convinced it would work this time πŸ˜’

So the clinic called to say the blood test was negative. I had absolutely convinced myself that it would work this time and all the signs were good - I didn't bleed and I got light cramping about 12 days in which I thought was implantation. I'm a bit in shock really. I know that I will pick myself like I did the last time and carry on because that's the only thing you can do. Sending much love to all the girls on here who are keeping their baby dreams alive - here's to a baby filled 2017 xxx

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  • Could it be that you need to retest in a day or two?xx

  • They were pretty definitive about it - just told me to stop using the pessaries and my period will start soon πŸ˜’Xx

  • Really sorry it just sucks x

  • Sorry to hear you got a BFN. It''s horrid and often a shock. Be kind to yourself.

  • So sorry to hear that bfn are rubbish. Take care xxx

  • So so sorry for you Sarah, it really does suck doesn't it πŸ˜” It must be even worse when you think it has worked. I'm still getting my head around our 3rd failure on Thursday but like you we're picking ourselves up and carrying on, what choice do we have πŸ˜• Here for you if you wanted to offload and yes let's hope 2017 is a much more positive year for us. Big hugs xxxx

  • Thank you darling. Ditto to you. I find that friends really try to help but they sometimes just don't know what to say, particularly if they have kids themselves. Here's to a better 2017 xxx

  • I find the same with friends Hun, I have some wonderful ones who really care but even then they will say some upsetting things without even realising. At least we have this forum where we all understand one another completely. Hope you're doing ok today xx

  • I've been a right state today but people have been lovely so I'm starting to feel better. How about you? Xx

  • Aw Hun I hope you feel a bit brighter each day πŸ˜” I've been up & down too, I'm wanting to avoid people as every time I talk about it I get upset even if I thought I was doing ok and with each failure it gets harder to tell people it hasn't happened again. It's probably not good to avoid taking about it either but I kinda feel like what's the point, what is there to say πŸ˜• Its hard. Big hugs Hun xx

  • I must admit it has been easier this time because people at work actually know (I didn't tell them last time) and they have been super supportive even though I'm a weepy mess! Talking is really important- don't bottle it up! Xxx

  • So sorry to hear this 😞 Xxx

  • I'm sorry Sarah, I know how you feel. Some lovely ladies told me last week that you shouldn't blame yourself and to take time out and enjoy yourself. I really took that advice and it made me feel happyy. So please look after yourself. This is a cruel journey and hope 2017 will be a bigger and better journey for us xxxx

  • Well we have surrounded ourselves with Xmas lights and cake. That is helping 😊. Onwards and upwards for us both xxx

  • So sorry my dear.sending big hugs xxx

  • I am so gutted for you.. hope the lights and cake are helping... hugs xxx

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