Implantation bleeding after 11 days missed period ??? Possible??

Can some one answer me please ??

I have been asking for help and advice as I missed my periods for 11 days ever in my life with no symptoms and negative test. Today around 12:20 pm (24th/aug) I saw pink blood just once when I wiped ,sorry tmi . Since then now its 10 pm and I don't get any . Will it be a implantation bleeding ?? No cramping . Or no sign like period pain . It's so confusing . Someone kidnap me please so I can forget this 😩😩😩. I cannot tell you how am freaking out and thinking about this every second ..

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  • oh my gosh bless you!!! i can't kidnap you Im afraid, sorry about that lol.

    Let's hope upon hope that it is what we all hope it is.

    It could also be a late period, which would be a right sh*t wouldn't it - hope not. When did you take hpt?

  • Aww lol.. ya but I never have late period that's why so worried . I checked yesterday with digital clear blue.. sooper quick saying 'not pregnant '..I hate the word not now,, lol ..let me wait for few more days and then start worrying again if nothing turns up .. thanks for that ..

  • It could be implantation but if it's 10 / 11 days after your period was due you would have had to have ovulated much later on this month than you normally do if it's only implanting now. Does that make sense? The best thing I think you can do is wait another few days and then test again xxx

  • Thanks for that .. ya let me wait .. I am planning to take one more test this week end of period didn't turn up ..

  • A friend of mine who had ivf had a d3t and she didn't have her implantation bleed till day 9 not quite as late as day 11, but she got a positive, she didn't test until day 14, so could still turn around for you.

    Good luck xxx

  • Thanks , ok let me wait and do test if nothing turns up .

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