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Finally here!


After three cycles, two egg shares, one miscarriage and the loss of one of our twins, our little miracle girl arrived 14th August and despite my gestational diabetes and blood clot is completely perfect. We were one of those couples where something always seemed to happen, constant hiccups in the road but finally it's all worth it. We really never thought it would happen and even now it seems surreal. Fingers crossed for all your little miracles in the making!!

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Congratulations hun x

That's great! Congratulations xx

Congratulations :) x

Congratulations hun :) x


Congratulations xxx

Congratulations! Enjoy being a mum and having your dream fulfilled. xxx

Congratulations! X

Congratulations xxx

Congratulations on this wonderful news! Wishing you much happiness now and always xx

Congratulations 🙂 Xxx


Hi KittyK. Fabulous news for a grey Monday morning (well it is here). So pleased all ended well and you now have a healthy baby daughter. Take lots of photos, as they change so quickly. Sending lots of gentle hugs and kisses. Diane

Congratulations Kittyk and thank you for coming back to share your lovely news xxx

Well done! I'm so pleased for you x

Congratulations. Enjoy some yummy cuddles together xx

Congratulations!!! Wonderful news! Xxxx

This is amazing news congratulations xxx

Fantastic news, really happy for you! Enjoy being a family!xx

Thanks everyone! I will still pop on now and again to offer support where I can to the rest of you ladies. Good luck with all your journeys, so many times I wanted to give up and thought it would never happen, even when I was pregnant I kept expecting the worst but sometimes it really does work out ok xxx

Aww huge congrats to you! Finally your time to enjoy your precious baby xx

Massive congratulations! Xx

Congratulations!! Wonderful news 💕

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