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Feeling emotional

Hi I'm new to this , but I have three days till I have to take the pregnancy test after my first round of i.v.f . It's taken three years to get this far ! Now I'm bleeding heavily and have really bad cramps , I'm so sure I've lost it and it's my period, i hate the waiting and I'm finding it hard to stay positive as I feel I've lost it already, doctors said to rest but I think they know it's not worked , I just don't know what to do

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Hi Lins1607

Welcome. I'm so sorry to hear this, I know it's really hard but try to stay strong. Many of us here have been in this situation. We will support you through it. Bleeding can be common in the early stages. Fingers crossed for you Hun. X x

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Thankyou , I am a chef and had to leave work in floods of tears as I was in so much pain , I actually felt like my head was being pulled apart from the migraine and my cramps were so intense , they both have calmed down but I'm still bleeding with clots so I'm guessing it's not worked , I still feel so tired all the time xx


Can you call your clinic tomorrow for some advice? When I started bleeding they did tell me to increase the pessaries! I am sorry that you are going through this. Mine did end in a m/c and I've just done round 2 which I know hasn't worked. It is so hard. X


I called them yesterday and he wasn't to convinced but I am in the highest dose I think as I take 3 a day 8 hrs apart we'll try to . We have been through so much heart ache already , I've been strong for most of it and I just want to give up it's so hard to move on just feel so empty . I believe I've had a m/c too but we shall see Saturday xx


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