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No period! Negative test!!

Girls I am going crazy! I had HsG 2 months ago. Took first period 21days after last and usually I am spot on 28days. This time I have been cramping for 7 days now with sore boobs thinking my period is coming and nothing. I was day 28 yesterday so took a test and it was negative. I spotted two very smalls spots yesterday and thought my period my starting! And still nothing!! Has the HsG just messed me up?? The cramps come and go. Usually when I start cramping I know my period is on its way and I start bleeding within a day or 2. Please does anyone have any advice.xx

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Hi Hun. I'm on my second period after my failed second cycle. I'm a few days later than I expected. I actually came on yesterday but I had the first signs of spotting on Thursday. I then had no spotting until Saturday (barely anything) and then nothing until yesterday. I think it's your body settling down again after treatment. Your period will come. It's just a waiting game I'm afraid. x

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