Monday night viewing... The Secret - law of attraction

Anybody else given this a watch? A friend recommended it to me, possibly not everyone's cup of tea but some good principals on positivity and gratitude, its lifted my spirits and given me a fresh perspective. I'm going to try and get out my funk and enjoy life more and a can-do mind set can't be a bad thing!

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  • Someone suggested to me yesterday to watch this definitely gonna give it a try x

  • I found it on YouTube! Give it s go and let me know what you think! I'm going to make my husband watch it tonight, my friend says it had a really positive impact on her relationship

  • Yes!! That's what I'm trying to do every day . Listen to positive affirmations, there's lots on conceiving and getting pregnant on YouTube. I'll take the dog out for a walk in the eve and just listen to them on my headphones. I honestly believe it actually works and what's the harm in trying it right, I've also started listening to mantras to help me go to sleep at night.Its all about the PMA , works wonders! Good luck! X

  • Wow Veekay80! That's fantastic, I'll have a look on YouTube for some! What's the harm right? I think we (or in my case anyway) get scared to dare hope but what kind of start is that to succeed! Good luck for EC! Gorgeous doggy btw!

  • Exactly, nothing to lose right, i deffo feel more confident and positive now that i've been telling myself positive things, whatever the outcome, i know i did all my best but i think having that mindset deffo contributes to an all round healthy well being x

  • Love your attitude!πŸ‘ŠπŸ‘ you are doing the best you can body and mind!

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