Feeling... grateful and strong again

Hi all,

Gosh what a difference a day makes! I'm so thankful for finding this site (I'm hooked!) Reading your posts and replies has given me hope, made me appreciate how strong I've been and how strong I am. I will not give up and I will not let this break me. I am so much more than my fertility struggles. Listening to how others cope has inspired me. I'm going to get back into my yoga, mindfulness and looking after myself. I'm grateful for my amazing husband who has been my rock through all of this, the friends and family who have been there for me and for all of you who have been so kind. I know I'll probably have more wobbles and feel down again, but for now, I'm going to celebrate and appreciate feeling more positive.

Wishing everyone love, luck and happiness xxx hope you get everything you wish for!

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  • Lovely post xx

  • Well, I love to see you happy and inspiring others. Well, your post reminds me of my infertility period. I had to be very strong and positive at those times. My whole, family and especially my husband, the love of my life supported me at that time. I'm so thankful to GOD to have him in my life. This was the hardest part of my life. I even had two major surgeries. But they were not successful. Furthermore, we were also having treatment of both types; I even went for some herbs. Finally, I don't know it was a miracle or something. But after 2 straight years of struggle, we were blessed with a baby boy. So, my main motto is to encourage you all to have faith and hope in time. This time will definitely pass and you all will get something to be grateful for. Stay positive and keep your hopes high while TTC. I would like to leave a lot of love for all the women out there. Goodbye girl <3 <3

  • Hi Sarah, thanks for your reply. Congratulations!! What lovely news. So lovely to hear that happy endings do happen. ☺ take care xx

  • I'm glad we can help you and it's so nice to be able to chat to one another xx take care of yourself xx

  • Good for you, glad your feeling positive. Take care xxx

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