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Quick question - frozen cycle natural

Hi lovely ladies

So I have my frozen transfer booked in for this month. I have a scan on day 11 and I was wondering when I could expect transfer to happen after this? We have a 5 day in the freezer.

I know everyone's different and it depends on ovulation but trying to book some time off work in anticipation so wondering if anyone can help me estimate?

Thank you!!!

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Once you have a peak opk or a dominant follicle of at least 17mm transfer will be booked. First scan was CD10. I had my positive opk last Monday (cycle day 14) which coincided with my scan and transfer is booked for today CD21. Mine is a 5 dayer too. Good luck xx


Thank you!!! This is really helpful.

Hope it goes well for you today xx

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Mine was just based upon the thickness of the endometrial lining. I think it was a minimum of 8mm they wanted to see. So I only had 2 scans then was booked in on CD 19 for the transfer! I was worried because of my cycles being longer than the average but was told that wouldn't matter. I got my positive test last week so so far so good 🤞🏻☺️ Xx


Thank you bluebelle this is really helpful. Congratulations on your positive hope it all goes well for you xx


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