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In the night some stomach cramps/small pains 7DP5DT trying to not worry but can't help it


Morning x

Trying not to worry and keep calm and hoping it's a good thing, I'm 7DP5DT woke it to some cramps and small pains in the night, they went after a while. I just feel worried, I just want everything to be ok. I am hoping it's happening for all the good reasons and that they are ok inside me. Always wondering what is happening inside there. Hoping everything is ok xx

Hope everyone else is ok wherever you are on this journey xx

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The tww is hell. You get cramps, you worry yourself silly that it's all over and af is on the way. You don't get cramps and you worry yourself silly that it hasn't worked. Good luck xx

Kelly-03 in reply to Tugsgirl

We always worry, we all want our miracles to come true xx Thankyou, I hope your ok x

Ive suffered from cramps for 2 weeks now and last night had like a pressure pain down below. Clinic told me its normal. Im just trying to stay positive

Kelly-03 in reply to Naz82

Ok Thankyou for letting me know, we can't help but worry xx

Wishing, praying, hoping with all my heart that this is the start of your miracle. I find every day tough for you, cannot imagine what it must be like for you both. My unconditional love is always here. Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Kelly-03 in reply to Evie1

Thanks Mum xx your so supportive and how lucky we are to have you xx trying not to worry but can't help it and hoping so much this is our time xx


I didn't have IVF but when I conceived naturally this month I had no preg symptoms and I was convinced that my period was on its way I had cramps too and " I didn't feel different" I was gob smacked when the test was positive! Hang on in there the 2ww is hard. Hope you get a positive test xoxo

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