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After being let down when due to start last cycle due to admin errors. Af came this week, after a really positive meeting with our nurse earlier this week we were all excited. I called the clinic expecting to hear back with my timeline. Just been called from the clinic they delaying cycle again 😤 so frustrated.

I realise they need to get everything right but this is due to changes in services or some shit like that no one ever actually explained to us what is going on and it's so frustrating I know this is their job and we're just another name on their list but this is our lives and this matters to us.

I found out 3 days before I was due to start meds last time and got over it and focused on next cycle just for this, trying to be the zen goddess I need to be to get success in our first ivf this is not helping!!! 😫

Rant over thanks for being here peeps, I don't think I realise how much this group helps me!

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Can totally relate to how you're feeling! I know how frustrating it is when you are given a timescale and it doesn't happen. And no matter how many people say 'another month is nothing in the whole scheme of things' when you're in the thick of infertility, each day seems like an eternity let alone a month!! So I'm right there with you. Try and plan something nice to do this month, not that it takes away the frustration but might help even a little. X


Hi Newqgirl11. So sorry to hear of this upset. I agree that sometimes they forget there are real people at end of their instruments and instructions etc. Of course you are upset, and I do hope they can soon get you sorted out. A lot of problems this time of year are down to people taking their main holidays during July/August. However, even with this in mind, a treatment date should be able to be arranged. i do hope all goes well when it happens. Thinking of you. Diane

My dear, please be positive and try not to stress yourself. I know you are passing trough frustrating period, but keep calm and try to give your best so this process could end well.


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