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Recent Spam - Update


Dear Community

Just to give you an update, we are stilling dealing with the spamming issues as and when they arise. Thank you to those of you who have reported suspicious posts, these are picked up by both ourselves and HealthUnlocked and are actioned where appropriate.

Please continue to report posts that you think may be suspicious, but we ask that you don’t engage or post a comment on the post that you are reporting, simply report it and leave with us to take forward.

Best Wishes



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Can I ask how you report posts? I tried to do this a few weeks ago with an inappropriate post but I just couldn't find out how to do it?

Thanks for sorting this out

AlisonO in reply to City74

Hi City74

This link will show you how report a post -

Best Wishes



City74 in reply to AlisonO

Thank you!

I don't not know whether it is just the iPhone app, but I find the report function is very glitchy and often simply doesn't work - I've tried to report a couple of obvious spam posts without success.

i'm glad to hear this - sometimes it's difficult to know if someone is a genuine or a spammer, but over the last week there have been 3 prolific posters, which sounded suspiciously similar.

trolling on a forum like this is particularly cruel, so it's reassuring admin are aware of it.

Hannah143 in reply to -noodles-

Also how sad must their lives be if all they want to do is post about infertility for fun!! Jesus! Xx

Mrsjj in reply to -noodles-

Yes I agree I found the posts really annoying every day and was hard to tell if it was a cry for help or someone playing a joke. Glad it's been stopped

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