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Cd15 not feeling great

Hi everyone so i had my cd15 scan and have a very bloated tummy with pain on the right side. My follicle has grown 30mm which is causing alot of pain. Been told i need to have an injection on Wednesday to burst it as it has turned to a cyst. Rest of follicles are 13mm. Husband needs to fly out next week for work and im feeling so down. I hope it all works out ☹️

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Hi Naz82. So sorry to hear this, but you need to be rid of the cyst as it could twist. Sadly it happens, but shouldn't affect the rest of the cycle. Good luck. Diane


Thankyou for your reply. I had my last scan yesterday and was told im ovulating so it isnt a cyst. Today ive got really bad cramps on lower abdomen which i was told is due to ovulating. I havent been able to go to work because of the pain. Hoping everything goes well this cycle. 🙏🏻


Hi. Probably is just down to all the ovarian activity. Good that you haven't got a cyst. Keep drinking plenty and rest when you can. Take some paracetamol if you need to, unless you have been prescribed something else. Thinking of you. Diane


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