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I can't believe it,here's feedback to you all ladies!!!!


Hello I wrote here 6 days ago being a newbie to this forum. Today It's my day 10 after my embryo transfer, I went to the Dr as she wanted to see me. during the week had discharge coming out and called her to find out what is happening . She then decided to do a preg test even though my blood test of only in Monday and this is what I got............tell me if I'm dreaming or its real..... wow after my failed ivf last year and this is my second one I can't believe this....

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Yay congratulations! Thats a BFP for sure :) xxx Well done!

Wow......thank you:)

Looks good to me! Congratulations! xxx


Congratulations xx

Aw lovely news congratulations Hun xx

Definitely a BFP... congratulations 😍


Congratulations hun, get some rest and enjoy!!!!

Congratulations x

💕 congratulations xx

Amazing.congratulations .xx

Congratulations xx

Congratulations xx

Congratulations!! Xx

Congratulations!!! Lovely news! Xxx

Am so happy for you,this your testimony has encouraged me

Congratulations! What lovely news x

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