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Getting nowhere fast!

So it's bad enough having to go through IVF I'm sure none of us would chose this... but then the universe seems to think that's not quite enough crap for me to take and blesses me a down regulate process that's basically going nowhere fast!

I get one shot one time at least I could have been spared the extra drama of the process just not going as it should!

Pain in left ovary now had it all week, because I've not down regulated I had a follicle they tried to pop with a trigger injection but by the pain i feel I can tell it's not popped and no "bleed" to thin the lining deadline is Thursday and I can almost predict what will occur... I think I have either developed a cyst and will have to deal with whatever that brings or I'll have to abandon this cycle and god knows if that's my one shot at IVF done or if I then have to play the waiting game all over again just to get out of the blocks...

Pissed off and impatient now sorry I should be more humble and grateful but this process is just stealing my whole self at the moment! Fed up!

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Aww Rach sorry your feeling so s**t hope things feel better soon.

Hopefully it will all be worth it in the end no matter how much it messes with your mind in the process.

I know on a personal level I just think about the end of the process and what we will have when it's all done.

I'd like to think one day we'll say "I went through hell to get you but it was all worth it"

Try and keep your chin up

Thinking of you xx


Sorry for your problem.

I`d deal with it first and only then continued IVF.

In case of IVF - why is it bad?

We got infertility and cure in face of IVF, so it`s good, for sure.

In general - if you have a disease you threat it.

Anyway, I think in such way.


Yes I see what you're saying and that's one way to look at it - it's hard to explain why your feel the way you do about IVF too many variables


I have disease, humanity already has a cure, so...

Why not to use it?

Anyway if we can fly to the moon why we can`t cure curable disease?

It's just a matter of acceptable method.

P.S.: In my case I have to do PGD (rett syndrome) and diagnosed PCOS.

I wish to have a baby so much that I`ll do almost everything to succeed.

As for now I`m just restoring my health and helping (supporting) others.


I can only speak for myself and I how I feel!


Hope that your will is strong and you won`t abandon hope to have a baby.

In case of feel (can I name it mood, in general?) - just imagine that you have a baby\babies and how you`ll play (for example) together.

P.S.: It helped me so I`m just sharing my exp with you. Hope it helps.

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Yeah I see what you're saying but that's not how I think or feel about any of it and Alice given the very low % chances IVF has of working and that those percentages are are based on very different people and variable causes of infertility, for me building up something in my mind of that much as a motivation factor is just not me or how I work I'm a realist.

I wish I had your belief in it and motivation I'm sure it would help but I just don't.


Ah, ok. Sorry if I overdid it.

The last question: have you heard about "3-parent IVF" or H.E.R. IVF?

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No, we get one free cycle on NHS and that's all we intend to do.

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This ain't a disease hun it's another hiccup in this stressful, long, life draining experience keep you chin up sweet xx

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Hey, wait and see what Thursday brings. Once I started on the buserelin injections I didnt bleed but my lining did thin so there is hope! Apparently the lining can thin without bleeding and can be absorbed. On the note of having to abandon the cycle, if the clinic feel this is best then go with it. I had a cyst first time round and my cycle was cr*p. We carried on and everything just went to heck, didnt even get to transfer. We did get an extra cycle for free so it wasnt all bad but not great psychologically, I think they feel they should have cancelled mine, it was only recently someone said oh your first cycle failure may have been because of your cyst. Hopefully you'll get more info on Thursday! Thinking of you!xx

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