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FET chances

Recently got data from docs.

Got at least 15% chance to use own eggs, but need a time for healing (worked too much lately to earn some money, almost exhausted) and therapy (for a while, will ask for details after thinking about next step).

And over 10% to carry the baby, with ability to rise up to 20%, but it needs a lot of time due to low health.

I`ll try to make own embryos (if i can) until it`s too late (will be 37 in Oct) and freeze them.

Ladies, does anyone have some positive experience about FET, in chances?

P.S.: Hope that I`d retrieve some eggs until the fall, but in case of ability to carry to term (a baby) I`ll need at least one year of exercises and therapy.

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Hi Alice_W123. Well, from what you're saying, you have recognised that you need to look after "you" for now, and get yourself back into good order before proceeding with more treatment. I have had many ladies over 36, who have been successful using FET, who like yourself, have had to wait to boost their batteries again beforehand. Thinking of you and wishing you massive luck with what you decide. Diane

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Thank you for support.

With positive information about FET I can move forward.

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I've seen lots of positive info on here about FETs - lots of Bfps! Xx


then try with fresh at first! have you already done at least one embryo transfer?


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