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What happens?


My posts have normally been negative... my periods has come today..... and for the first time in a while it feels bearable... We have our nurse consultation in a couple of weeks and so I feel we are actually moving forward with things....

My question is, in our meeting with our consultant I was abit overwhelmed with our results I didn't ask..... after your nurse consultation do you start treatment on that month? My period is due at the end of the month and our nurse consultation is before this.

Any information would be gratefully received,

Thank you xxx

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Hi! You might be able to start on your next cycle but would just depend on the clinic. Might be worth calling tomorrow to ask? Xxx


Thank you pumpkin :) I will do that!! :) xxx


Like pumpkin says it depends on the clinic and waiting times. I had my nurse consultation on day 3 of my cycle and we managed to push everything through really quickly to start in that cycle at day 21 so you'll have more time than I had. I made it quite clear I wanted to start on this cycle! X


I was quite negative as well until we actually had our nurse consultation. And things started moving very quickly. All the waiting round makes you negative but I hope like me it gets better once you start the process x


Aww thank you. We are keen to start ASAP so really hope that it can all go through quickly..... i am going for a baseline scan on tuesday which apparently is valid for 3 months so it shouldnt be that long a wait im guessing! I think because you wait for months on end prior to the appointments it would be great if it can start to pick up pace and go ahead. She didn't make it sound like we would have to wait along time. But I wish I had been more specific to ask. It's just a lot to take in isn't it. Thank you :) xxx


I had an appointment every week once I'd my first one. There are loads of forms to go through if you haven't done that and some more blood tests if you haven't had all of them. If you had seen me the day I picked up a huge bag of medication you'd have thought I had won the lottery. Just try not to stress as I almost missed this cycle as my af was late and I'm sure it was because I had got myself so worked up. It is a lot to take in but my nurse goes through each step again every time I go so you don't need to remember everything all at once. X


Thanks so much for this! I feel like once i have the medication in my hand it will feel real. But up until this point it's hard to feel it's actually happening because there's so much waiting!!! I watched a patient presentation last night from the clinic. Me and hubby in tears. We having icsi and broke down watching a real life the video of them injecting the sperm in.... it's overwhelming what actually were going to be doing. I'm so grateful to science!

Thank you in trying not to get stressed... my GP said it's not good for your body... but easier said than done eh!

Thank you again xxx

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Hope that everything will be fine.

In case of clinic - just call them.

As Jacs0008 said it`ll improve your mood, which result in better outcome.


Thanks for reply Alice :) xx


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