A bit of a scare

So we are 6week 2days pregnant after our 5th cycle of ivf. We had a tiny bit of spotting Friday but nothing to worry about, woke up this morning with quite a lot of blood and was filling a pad quite quickly. Went up to urgent care and was taken straight to the EPAU she did a scan there's two sacs, 2 fetal poles could only see one heartbeat but that could be because it was too early, but there was a big dark mass on the scan which is behind the two sacs causing the bleeding so she said it could go either way now and I have to go back in 10 days. Anyone had this and gone on to have a positive ending?? Thanks xx

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  • Bloody hell. I can't imagine the worry you're going through. All my virtual hugs are for you today and as long as you need them xxxx

  • Thanks xx

  • No words of wisdom I'm afraid as we never made it this far, just want to wish you all the best! πŸ™πŸ€žπŸ»πŸ’• 🌈 xxx

  • Thanks xx

  • So sorry to hear this. Will be praying that everything's alright for you. xxx

  • Thanks xx

  • Hi Button-123. I'm not surprised you're scared! Hopefully, fingers crossed, this is just a bit of a threat and nothing definite. Make sure you rest well in the hope that they settle back down again. This happens so often as you must read on hear and we don't know why - then the pregnancy just settles back and continues normally. Thinking of you. Diane

  • Thanks Diane, they have told me to take the week off and relax. Just feel sick at the thought something might go wrong xx

  • Hi Button-123. That's all you can do for now I'm afraid. Try and keep out of this heat and make sure you get spoiled rotten! Diane

  • I got everything crossed for u hun take care and take it easy xx

  • Thinking of you, make sure you rest up. Fingers crossed everything will be fine xxx

  • Oh what a worry Button! Rest up and take it easy.xx

  • I so hope you get your happy ending. I have no words of wisdom unfortunately other than get plenty of rest. Thinking of you xx

  • What a worry, no words of wisdom I'm afraid as I never got that far but I just wanted to send a big hug & to say I'm thinking about you at this worrying time for u both, rest up and hopefully it's just a blip and normal service will resume asap, take care x x

  • Hoping for normal service asap xxx

  • Horribly scary. Rest up, keep positive (I know that's almost impossible) and hang in there xxx

  • Good thing is you saw a heart beat in at least one. Could it be the twin passing? Sad to think that but...

    Fingers crossed it was just too early too see both and things settle back down x

  • The bleed was on my lining but behind both sacs so they are unsure what it is or what causes it x

  • Thinking of you lovely - it must be so hard. I have everything crossed for you. Sending you big hugs & hope you're not melting in the heat. Take care & rest up xxxxxx

  • I am keeping out of the sun just lay on the sofa x

  • How worrying for you! I hope everything is going to be ok 🀞 xx

  • Well that is scary but Hun just try and rest . I know easier said than done .

    God bless πŸ™

  • Aww button I have no advice for you either as I have never been that far but im hoping and praying with all my heart that everything will be OK. I do know my sister bled a lot in early pregnancy and she has a healthy baby boy now. But I can understand how distressing it must be especially after everything you have both been through. Bug hugs take care xxxxxxx

  • Thanks and good to hear positive stories xx

  • I have no advice but thinking of you x

  • Oh button I really hope and pray everything is ok for you. Sadly I don't have any positive experience with bleeding but I'm sure there are lots who do. Will they scan you again when you go back? How is the bleeding at the moment? Xxx

  • Bleeding has eased off which I am hoping is positive, I have a scan at my clinic in a weeks time xx

  • That is definitely a good sign, keep resting (which I'm sure you are anyway) and just know we are all thinking of you and your little twinnies xxxx

  • Oh no! Hopefully it's just a blip that lots of rest and chilling with a few box sets will help to settle down 🀞 Thinking of you x

  • Thinking of you Button. It is all so hard...it would seem that the waiting game never ends! It is very positive that they have seen the sacs and the fetal poles so cling on to this, although I know you will be very unsettled for the next few days. Sending much love xxx

  • Thinking of you button, I haven't been on here much lately but I got an email notification, I hope it all works out for you xxxx

  • Me! Exactly the same. Just one healthy pregnancy left. But all is good... other sac is now empty. Did have a foetal pole to begin with. Just had my scan and my one remaining looks happy. I am sure it will be okay. Xxx

  • That's reassuring to hear, I was so relieved we had one heartbeat, obviously hoping the other catches up but not feeling very confident. How long did you bleed for?? X

  • Heavy bleed went on for an hour or so. Lots of clots so was obviously worried. Then went to brown discharge. They scanned me today again to check everything is okay and it is. Xxx

  • I had blood in my pjs when I woke up then filled a panty liner all brown no clots, seems to have eased now and only abit of brown when I wipe xx

  • I was told 24 hours of bleeding is a worry but a short burst I could be cautiously optimistic. Thankfully touch wood I am okay at the moment. I know you will take it easy xxx

  • Oh gosh button it can never just be straight forward and worry free can it πŸ˜• I don't have any experience but I really hope it's nothing. A good friend of mine had 2 pretty big bleeds and both times it was fine and he arrived perfectly healthy and now runs rings around my friend! Lots of luck xx

  • Thanks and your right it never stops. Good to hear about your friend though. Xxx

  • I hope you are resting and that the outcome of next week's scan is positive.

  • Thinking of you x

  • My daughter in law had this and bleeding all the way through her pregnancy and more patches appeared at each scan but baby was absolutely fine. They told her it could go either way but I like to stand by when they see a heartbeat there's less chance of a miscarriage although I know it don't always go that way.

    Good luck xx

  • Thanks and good to hear positive stories at such a worrying time xx

  • blimey button. Take it easy, hope it all works out.

  • Oh no..why do these things have to happen?!

    Are they doing blood monitoring too?

    Don't be scared to contact them again if need be...

    Everything crossed for you x

  • Aw button, what a stressful time for you. I hope that it all settles down for you. Get those feet up and rest, rest, rest! Plenty of women on here have early bleeds on go onto to have healthy babies. Brilliant news you've seen a heartbeat on one of your little treasures, and this early. Hoping the second one starts to beat in the next few days. Thinking of you xx

  • It's never easy is it! Thinking of you. X

  • So sorry to read this, hopefully everything will be ok, rest up and take good care, thinking of you ❀️ x x x

  • Aww Button what a rollercoaster. You must be so anxious and scared. Just focus on the positives, amazing wee heart beat at this stage and hopefully there will be 2 next week. Rest and stay off google. Much love ❀️😘

  • Hello! No experience with this. But sending you my positive thoughts! xx

  • Sorry to hear about your scare. I hope the bleeding has all stopped now and that you get the reassurance you need soon Xxx

  • Ooooo button.. Saw your name and word scare and thought nooooooo! Oh u poor love.. Have everything crossed for you.. Hope the bleeding stops completely and you can get some rest.. That scan next week must seem an age away.. Big hugs coming your way xxx

  • Oh Buttons. I've got everything crossed. What a worry. Rest up and take it easy. Xx

  • Oh how unfair that u have to have all this worry after all uv been thru to get your BFP!!! Fingers crossed for you that everything is well!! If u can forget about work, forget about chores just rest up and concentrate on u xxx

  • Awww gosh, I can't imagine how you're feeling.... sending lots of hope and positive vibes!

    I haven't personally experienced this but a friend had it on both her pregnancies- she bled on and off right through her pregnancy (one a boy, other a girl) and both are beautiful and healthy. Wishing you a happy ending 🀞🏼❀️

  • Hi button, it sounds pretty scary but my friend had the same thing from 4 weeks and bled until about 12 weeks, she's now 16 weeks. It sounds very positive that there are 2 poles and one heartbeat for now 🌈

  • Thinking of you Button and wishing you all the best for your next scan. x

  • Hi button what's the latest ? I was rushed in yesterday too ! I sneezed and had the worst bleed ever soaked my trousers defo thought I'd miscarried either one Baby or both ! Anyway the scan showed both babies all good and heartbeats but they could see blood in my uterus and no idea why x I honestky thought it was all over x got a scan minday at ivf clinic thank god ! They said to rest but it hadn't seem to effect babies but obviously it's so hard not to panic x I've stopped bleeding now ... I wonder if bleeding worse as I'm on clexane and aspirin !

  • My bleeding has been on and off only when I wipe. It had stopped for 2 days but started again today so who knows. Got my scan tomorrow thankfully as so scared xx

    Let me know how you get on xx

  • Mine has stopped literally had it for 4 hours on Friday soaked trough my trousers was so awful ! But when they scanned me both babies were fine ! So much blood though ... worst experience ever but no one knows what it is ! The scan showed blood in my cervix and it all happened when I sneezed ! I hope it's all ok for u luckily I'm at ivf clinic tomo so see if everything is ok ! Never straight forward for us is it!

  • Glad yours has stopped and seems to be ok. I just want to know what's going on it's been such a worrying week x

  • So worrying ! But I have my fingers crossed ... did they see the heartbeats ?

  • We had a private scan on Thursday they could see 2 heartbeats. One was spot on size, dates etc and really strong. One was slow and small for my dates so think we are looking at just one. Hopefully that one will be ok xx

  • Have all crossed for u ! I can't wait to get there tomo and see that everything is ok x such a scary time !

  • Aw hope all is well for you too. Just wish I could be worry free and enjoy it 😞

  • Hey

    Just logged in and seen your post, hoping and praying you get a good scan tomorrow and all is well. God knows you deserve your miracle. Big hugs

  • Hello, how are you? I've seen your post about bleeding..

    I feel for you, did it stop? Have you already done the scan? What it showed? are there 2 babies? Are they alive?

    I will pray for you!!!

    Fingers crossed

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