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57 follicles! Gulp!

Of these 57, 42 are 'active' said the nurse at my Day 9 scan today. (Does that mean they're all playing football in there? No wonder I feel swollen!)

She also said she could see what might be an endometrial 'flap' in my lining. It might also be another dreaded phantom polyp determined to delay the whole caboodle again (nooooooo!) Or it might just be the scarring from my biopsy. Hopefully the latter, but there'll be no knowing until egg collection on Thursday.

Another scan tomorrow morning. Hopefully no more follicles will have appeared as Mr Llama and I are running out of names for all these little ladies. Phillis, Philippa, Fi-Fi, Philamina, Phoebe, Phaedra...

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57?! That is immense! Good luck tomorrow! x


Thank you. Got a feeling egg collection could be painful!

Hope all is going well for you! x

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Hopefully you'll be sedated well and can have a little rest! ;)

All well here... scan Weds. I'll feel better then x


Hoping to be nicely oblivious to the whole thing!

Good luck with the scan on Wednesday. Hope it goes really well x


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