Frozen embryo successes

Hi, we have 2 frozen embryos and I'm wondering how successful Frosties are ? We were very lucky for ivf to work first time and we have a gorgeous little lady who is 5 months old , but we will need to go private for the nxt go so I'm just making enquiries of where to go / cost etc .

Obviously I feel very lucky to have my daughter but would love a sibling for her.


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  • Congrats on your little girl! According to my consultant Frosties have a better chance as your body will be much closer to normal, not wrecked by crazy hormones, needles and poking around in your ovaries. So your physically in a better shape to become pregnant :-)

    Let me know how you get on. Only 9 weeks pregnant from our first (two rounds IVF), but also have some Frosties so a little sibling is on the cards if things go according to plan! Take care

  • Hi Aimaim77. So lovely to hear about your wonderful daughter who is now 5 months old! How time flies! With regards to using your frozen embryos, many ladies do have success. The freezing methods known as vitrification are so much better, as there is less likelihood of ice crystals forming. Because of this, they mostly thaw successfully, giving you pretty much the same success rate as a fresh cycle. I'm sure the ladies here will tell you of their successes. I have albums with quite a number of successful FETs. Good luck! Diane

  • My little boy is nearly 5 months old, he was one of my Frosties after my fresh ICSI cycle failed I have 2 left also. The frozen cycle is a lot less harsher than a fresh round. X

  • We had a failed fresh ICSI cycle and were left with 2 Frosties. We had a successful FET in December 2014 and now have a wonderful little girl. We are about to start the journey of another FET to use or last remaining Frostie. I too have heard that FET may have a better chance of working as your body hasn't been through as much prior to the transfer.

    Congratulations on you little girl ❤️

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