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NHS Funding

Hi Everyone,

Not sure if anyone can shed some light for me. Myself and my husband have been accepted for NHS funded treatment, our first appointment is in a few weeks. We are both feeling very anxious and having last min second thoughts on whether we want to go through the treatment at this time in our lives. My question is, if we were to pull out would that be our one and only chance and would it make us illegible again? Even though we never started the treatment.

Appreciate any info anyone might have. Thank you xx

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Sorry I can't answer your questions but once you've been accepted by the NHS you are entitled to counselling so maybe give this a try before making any final decisions. I also think it's perfectly natural to feel anxious about it all. I'm due to start injecting in the next couple of weeks on our first go so completely get the anxiousness but also know it's the best chance we get and worth the stress x



I was NHS funded also- and my treatment was delayed due to thyroid issues but I remember the nurse saying 'we have a year from referral to complete the treatment'.

So there may be a time limit... Also I think there may be a penalty if you withdraw... Possibly you're pushed to the back of the queue again- I'm not entirely sure.

Can I ask how old you are? In my PCT the cut off for IVF is 35 yrs old. So there may be an age limit where you can even be funded- you don't want to delay and then find out you've missed the deadline.

You can usually Google your PCT policy on IVF in your area. But best may be to ask the IVF clinic or referring nurse/doctor for advice


I would add- don't let it put you off- find out more about the process, if that is what is worrying you. It's fairly simple and not as scary once you actually start it.

Good luck x


Depends on your area the process and criteria for qualification.

Once you go from GP to hospital check all that with them... or look up on google NHS fertility funding and your area you should find their guidelines and criteria on your local CCG site.

I met with the fertility dept at the hospital, who sent me for an operation, which then resulted in the only treatment they recommended was IVF, following that I had 12 months to pick my clinic, or I would have to risk still meeting the criteria, then once I picked the clinic to go you have to take up the treatment within 12 months of that.

In theory I could have waited a year to pick a clinic then a year to start the IVF once all logged in with the clinic delaying it all by just under 2 years.

But and it's a big but - NHS funding is and can change and you can suddenly slip from being fully funded to not qualifying anymore - plus that "What if" does seep into all your decisions and gets to you after a while.

I went to the GP and specified no to IVF too invasive and not for me and yet here I am having IVF 🤔😊


His there,

Sorry that you're feeling anxious about this whole process. With me I felt a little the same but now have absolutely no regrets. I now have a beautiful 10 week old boy and he's the best thing that ever happened to me and my partner (first round too). Anyway once me and my partner had been to the hospital and gone through the paperwork and all the information and had been to all appointment's necessary,we did have a choice to delay treatment until we were ready, there is a lot of information to take in and its a long, drawn out process. Good luck and I'm sure you'll make the best decision for you and your circumstances.

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