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Anyone used Cyprus clinics? How does it differ?

Hi ladies and gents,

I hope you are all well... I've taken some time away from things after my last unsuccessful attempt and it has been a lovely break so far! Only 3 months now until our wedding and honeymoon.

I've been looking into overseas treatment but it's all a bit overwhelming and really hard to understand how it differs and whether it is legit or not.

Any advice or recommendations? Xxx

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I had treatment at a clinic in northern Cyprus. I'll message you the details if you like? We had egg donation there.

I do wonder if it differs in terms of success rates - especially when it's donor conception. The clinic I was at is also linked to some uk hospitals. This means that we have a consultant here and a team there who my consultant works with xx

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Yes please that woulswould be great if you could pm me details xx


Hi I'm off to Istanbul in 4 weeks for ivf

After a lot of research with different clinics and speaking to the drs out there we decided istanbul is looking positive compared to London clinics I've looked in to. Only thing with turkey is most clinics don't do egg or sperm donation

Will be posting my experience soon as I start. The clinic have been very helpful and patient with my 1000 questions they reply very swiftly which I like lol

Hope you find the perfect clinic that suits you.



Hi Sophia, thanks for your post. Wishing u all the best for your treatment! Have u had treatment previously in UK? We are wanting to find a clinic that has a greater focus on male infertility because it seems all the clinics here have no useful advice around success with male factor other than to just keep trying and taking supplements which is nonsense of there is an underlying genetic issue. I've seen that some clinics offer special techniques at a reasonable price. Would you mind messaging me the details of your clinic please so I can look into at as I hadn't thought about Turkey x


Hi Tara2016. Good luck with this, and remember as "emu2016" is doing, to reply via private message if mentioning any clinics by name. Good luck with it all. Diane


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