Drama in the night. πŸ‘‡ Update!

So everything was going so well until half an hour a go. I woke with a bad cramp bad enough to wake me and then I felt a rush of blood. Went to the toilet an a walnut sized clot came out. I have/had all the symptoms. High hcg which was doubling every 36 hours. I am not sure if this is the start of a miscarriage or can this happen for other reasons? Any comments greatfully received. Xx

So I had my scan and 2 embryos were found. One looking good. Faint heartbeat which the scanner thought had started today and measuring 3mm. The other sac had a foetal pole and measured 2.3mm but no heart beat yet... and more concerning is that it has an irregular shape. She is scanning me a week today to see it becomes viable. The reason for the bleed is that it is common with multiples and it's about fighting for room and apparently because with ivf they thicken your lining so much you are far more likely to have a bleed. Mixed emotions really. I am of course pleased but left feeling deflated which is stupid as I should feel really greatful.

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  • I'm really sorry I don't have any advice but wanted you to know that I'm thinking if you & that everything will be ok xxxx

  • I agree and if it's not okay there is a damn good reason why not. Thanks sweetie. Xx

  • I also don't have any advice but wanted to let you know I'm thinking about you and crossing everything that this turns out to be nothing and all is okay. Hopefully you can speak to your clinic soon to work it out. Xx

  • All a rollercoaster. Thanks for your kind words. Xx

  • Oh dear! I'm sorry Hun. I hope everything is alright. Thinking of you. xxx

  • Ì appreciate that hunny. Xx

  • Don't panic just yet, I know bloody hard not to, phone your local EPU and they'll probably do another blood test, and phone your clinic also, good luck Hun, thinking of you xxxx

  • Thank you hun. Had bloods on Monday and they were 14111 which is high so I was very confident. In for a scan at 1pm today. Xxx

  • How are you? :( did you call the clinic? xxx

  • Booked in for a scan at 1pm. I am not getting overly worked up now as I can't do anything but wait. Bleeding has stopped. Will keep you posted. Xxx

  • Glad it's stopped. Thinking of you xx

  • Thinking of you. Hope all is ok 🀞 xx

  • Thank you xxx

  • Hope your scan shows that everything is 100%! Will be thinking of you xx

  • Thank you. 😚

  • Glad of your update but understand that you would have mixed emotions at the moment. At least you are okay and so far, your two twiglets are as well. Keeping everything crossed that it stays that way xx

  • Thank you. There is a bit of hope for the irregular one but as you say they are still both there. Xxx

  • Hope all is ok at your scan xx

  • Hiya, I really hope you're scan this afternoon goes well, this could be nothing, we will be thinking of you Hunni. Fingers crossed x

  • Thank you. Trying to stay positive. Xxx

  • Oh gosh that must have given u a fright!! I think from what friends have told me, this can be quite common & not necessarily a bad sign!! Hopefully your scan can put your mind at rest! Let us know xxx

  • Thank you. The lady at the scan clinic said it's not uncommon with ivf. Feel like my body has been saying something with mild light brown discharge. It's going to be a long morning waiting. Xxx

  • Oh what a worry, you must have gotten such a fright! Glad to head its stopped, hope all is well at your scan!xx

  • I'm my goodness...what a fright! I'm sure it will all be ok though...let us all know how it goes xxx

  • How frightening, hope it's good news for you xxxxx

  • Oh dear . Maybe it's just a clot and nothing much to worry about. However u won't b at peace until d scan confirm so . Don't worry dear . Ull b fine 😘

  • Hope all ok and scan goes ok later xx

  • I hope everything goes well with your scan hunny x x x

  • Any updates my dear

  • Thanks hun. Update above xx

  • Just checking in on you xx

  • Thanks lovely. Update above. Xxx

  • Mixed emotions from me too! Look after yourself xx

  • Thanks love. Need to get over myself. Xxx

  • Not at all! It must have been a bit worrying xx

  • Hope all is ok x

  • Read your update; at least it isn't all over which is obviously great news. Hoping that the second one soon catches up 🀞 xx

  • Thanks hunny. Yes goes to show that a bleed and clot isn't the end of the world. Xx

  • Good to read your update. Hope all goes well xx

  • What an emotional day you have had, hope everything carries on progressing ok xxx

  • Thanks Button. Think I am just coming down from it all. Xxx

  • That is really good news after what you went through in the night. Keep positive. X

  • Thank you. Hopefully when people search on here in the future they will find a good news story to help others xx

  • Aw what a day...but so glad it's good news. I was thinking about you loads! xx

  • Really appreciate that. I opted to have 2 put in to improve my chances of 1. So feeling a bit better. You know more than anyone that it is such an emotional merry go round with very little merry. Xxx

  • I'm due my next transfer on the 22/6 and so want 2 put back in...but they don't put two in as standard until I'm 37...and I'm not 37 til November! Do you think it'll work if I stamp my feet and cry lol!! xx

  • I tend to do that a lot as pointed out by my husband this afternoon. However it is going to be a well informed argument why you should. I understand they have relaxed the 1 embryo rule in this country. I say be awkward and no one likes a crying face. Xxx

  • What mixed feelings you must have after your scan! Just wanted to say that I'm thinking of you!!xx

  • I'm so glad to see the update. I've been thinking of you and will continue to do so - hoping the second one catches up and that everything progresses well from here. Xx

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