Bleeding episode update

I had a bleed Sunday afternoon which lasted until Monday night (was barely spotting on Monday). I called my clinic and had to beg to have bloods done, so had first lot done Monday and second lot today. I am so hoping the levels have gone up enough... Get my results tomorrow morning after 10. Trying to stay positive now that bleeding has disappeared and been feeling a little sick today and my skin has erupted in spots, who would have thought I'd be thankful for those two things 😂 Xxx

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  • Hun I really feel for you- what a horribly stressful time you're having X I had heavy bleeding-like a period when I was 7 weeks gone with my bow nearly 18 year old son and he's ok X my sister also had bleeding when she was 5 weeks gone and told she would miscarry-she didn't and my beautiful niece is neatly 3 X some women do bleed in early pregnancy and have healthy babies X it's bad you had to hassle clinic for bloods-the Gits 😱 X Hope you get good news tomorrow and I will be thinking of you X take care lovely X X X

  • Thank you so much Jess stories like yours really reassure me. Will keep you updated xxx

  • Hi Sprinkles

    Just wanted to wish you well for your blood test results in the morning :) xx

  • Thanks Holly how are you doing today? Xx

  • Hi sprinkles

    I'm fine today thank you no signs of anything since the other day so just hoping and praying it was just one of those things. So hoping you get good results today please let me know xx

  • Just spoke to them and it's not good news... HCG dropped from 1500 to 500 so got to stop cyclogest and let it come away xx

  • Ohh no sprinkles I'm so sorry xx

  • Hi Sprinkles. I was the same with unexplained heavy bleeding at 6 weeks and thought it was all over but went on to have a healthy little girl and my friend had the same and has a healthy little boy. It's quite common to bleed in the early days and everything be ok but it's so horrible to go through. I hope you get good news! xx

  • Aw thank you! Just waiting for my results now xxx

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