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Don't know what to think

Hey everyone, haven't been on here for awhile. As some of you may know I had a failed ivf cycle in December, I had my follow up appointment in January and my consultant wanted to try and get me another funded cycle (only could have 1 on nhs) because of my situation, as haven't got any tubes. Well that was January and they said it could take a few months, so I left it a few months and haven't heard anything, so I've phoned up the clinic so many times to see if they have heard anything and nothing or that the ccg board needed more info. So I phoned ivf clinic yesterday still haven't heard anything and they give me a number to ring, so rang that and they give me another number to ring, to be told that they have been waiting for the extra info from the clinic for a while, I just don't know if I'm been let down by the clinic or they has been some sort of mix up, I just feel in limbo all the time, and have been struggling, I just don't know what to think, help!!xx

Ps, sorry for rambling on x

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Grrrr!!! Can you make a complaint, that usually gets them moving a bit quicker!! How frustrating for you - hope someone sorts it out soon xx


I don't know if to complain, I feel a pain now and I haven't done anything wrong. And thankyou xx


Oh hun that's awful. Good on your doctor for trying to get another round though but such a drawn out process.

I've had a rubbish experience with hospital on diagnosis for endometriosis. Been left in limbo after just being given doctors discharge note. Was told by receptionist I'd get an appointment sent through. Then I get told it'll be within teo weeks, tgen a month,tgen tokf they're off sick. Just excuse after excuse. Had to get Pals involved and finally got a paragraph letter to say endo removed. No appointment to explain my pains, how it effects fertility or anything. This has driven my anxiety to extreme.

Communication is not good enough for refferals etc and they do hide behind nhs stretched. Wish they'd say if it's going to be 3 months etc.. Then we know what we're dealing with.

It's so difficult, I can understand your feeling in limbo xxx


It's horrible isn't it, it's not fair as all we want is to know where we stand. Is everything sorted now for you? I'm just hoping I get some news tomorrow when I have to phone back up. I'm just abit apprehensive about complaining, I just don't know what to do, my head is just all over the place xx


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